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Move the Farnsworth House

Mies built the Farnsworth in spitting distance of the mighty Fox River, and the house is paying a price for his hubris.

by Fred Bernstein

May 25, 2010

Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe, 1951
(Fred Bernstein)
An Open Letter to Susan Szenasy re: Frank Gehry

by Fred A. Bernstein

May 17, 2010

CityCenter, Las Vegas
(Fred Bernstein)

Book Review: Sage Architectural Reflections from Architecture's "Athena": Denise Scott Brown's "Having Words" distills a lifetime of theorizing and practice into practical and succinct guidance for thriving through difficult times

Brown's occasional papers trace a trenchant trajectory of learning from Las Vegas to learning from everything.

by Norman Weinstein

April 27, 2010

Disappearing Act: North Carolina Museum of Art West Building by Thomas Phifer and Partners and Pearce Brinkley Cease + Lee

Raleigh, North Carolina: A new museum building strives to nearly disappear, deferring to the beauty of the artworks and the surrounding landscape.

by Lisa Delgado

April 21, 2010

Entrance to the North Carolina Museum of Art
(© Scott Frances / Courtesy North Carolina Museum of Art)

Power to the Past: Cannon Design Regional Offices at The Power House

St. Louis: A design firm transforms a 1928 city landmark to support its highly collaborative, team-oriented work approach that includes space that can be used by the community as well.

by ArchNewsNow

April 1, 2010

A 1929 coal-fired power station is now Cannon Design’s St. Louis office.
(Gayle Babcock/Architectural Imageworks)
Celebratory Meditations on SANAA Winning the Pritzker Prize

by Norman Weinstein

March 29, 2010

Glass Pavilion, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio, 2006
(Hisao Suzuki, Courtesy of SANAA)

Book Review: Keeping the Architectural Profession Professional: "Architecture from the Outside In: Selected Essays by Robert Gutman" celebrates Gutman's legacy as invaluable outsider

Selected essays by a penetrating sociologist of architecture pose the kinds of tough-minded questions needed now to keep architectural professional on-track.

by Norman Weinstein

March 26, 2010

INSIGHT: Iconic Architecture in the Digital Age

New technologies are helping to transform architectural surfaces far beyond the traditional canons of architecture.

by Carlos Ferré

March 23, 2010

Five key elements to consider when evaluating digital media façade technology: transparency, weight, flexibility, durability, and energy efficiency.

Book Review: "Design through Dialogue: A Guide for Clients and Architects," by Karen A. Franck and Teresa von Sommaruga Howard

A helpful communications primer offers case studies of winning collaborations between clients and architects, but as useful as this book proves, it leaves some uncomfortable questions about communication unaddressed.

by Norman Weinstein

March 5, 2010

Twilight Visions: Vintage Surrealist Photography Sheds New Light on Architecture

An exhibition and book of photographs of Paris between the wars might just be the necessary correctives to the virtual sterility of digital imagery

by Norman Weinstein

February 9, 2010

André Kertész: Clock of the Académie Française, Paris, 1932<br>© Estate of André Kertész/Higher Pictures;<br>The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
(Courtesy International Center of Photography, New York, NY)

INSIGHT: Can Green Interiors Help Power the Recovery?

How the demand for sustainability and long-term value are shifting attitudes in the world of commercial interiors, creating an environment ripe for design professionals with incentives for both landlords and tenants to move the sustainability agenda forward.

by Sascha Wagner, IIDA, CID, LEED AP, and Robin Bass, LEED AP

February 2, 2010

For Kimball Office's showroom relocation in San Francisco, the furniture manufacturer selected a building that allowed the project team to make upgrades to the retail floor's mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems that were independent of the entire building and facilitated meeting aggressive LEED-CI goals.
(David Wakely Photography)
Market Research Strategies in Uncertain Times #5: Market Research on Shoestring Budgets - 10 Tips for 2010

Firms operating on shoestring budgets can still create positive change if they follow the mantra of THINK

by Frances Gretes

January 26, 2010

INSIGHT: Redeveloping Downtown Pittsburgh - The Last 20 Years

Many factors have led to an interesting take on the traditional tension between central city decline, suburban competition, and revitalization efforts to bolster Downtown's primacy in the region's economy and identity.

by Michael A. Stern, ASLA, LEED AP

January 21, 2010

The 1998 Downtown Plan envisioned a new focus on the rivers
Beyond the Egg-crate Museum: Reflections on the Bloch Building

Q&A with Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Director/CEO Marc Wilson re: life at Steven Holl Architects' Bloch Building - three years after opening.

by Norman Weinstein

January 19, 2010

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and Bloch Building
(Courtesy The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art)

Book Review: How to Make Versions of the Past Present: "Robert A.M. Stern Buildings and Projects 2004-2009"; Peter Morris Dixon, editor

Stern might just be "the squarest of the hip, and the hippest of the squares." That might also imply that he is one of the sanest and happiest people in the profession. For that and more, this book warrants our appreciative attention.

by Norman Weinstein

December 18, 2009

A Star is Reborn: Fox Oakland Theater and Oakland School for the Arts by Architectural Dimensions, ELS Architecture and Urban Design, and Starkweather Bondy Architecture

Oakland, California: A faded movie palace - and the surrounding neighborhood - gets a new lease on life.

by ArchNewsNow

December 10, 2009

The Fox Oakland opened in 1928
(David Wakely Photography)

Best Architecture Books of 2009

10 crucial volumes from the classic to the iconoclastic

by Norman Weinstein

December 9, 2009

“Urbanisms: Working With Doubt” by Steven Holl
WORDS THAT BUILD: Offer an Opening Statement That Frames a Broad Vista

Tip #20: The aim of an opening statement is to open a door to dialogue rather than to persuasively "hook" another into compliance with your message.

by Norman Weinstein

December 3, 2009


WORDS THAT BUILD: Communicating Architectural Edges

Tip #21: Write about meaningful circulatory patterns of light by personifying the interplay of architecture and light.

by Norman Weinstein

December 3, 2009

INSIGHT: Alignment: Sustainability and Historic Preservation

Retrofitting existing buildings is a vital strategy for significantly reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions globally. To many, it is THE strategy.

by Elaine Gallagher Adams, AIA, LEED AP

December 1, 2009

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