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Field Notes from the 11th Venice Architecture Biennale - Part 1

The Arsenale: Betsky's eclectic curating and the polished and thoughtful presentations of the exhibitors make it a challenging, entertaining, and provocative show.

by Terri Peters

October 10, 2008

Droog’s Singletown looks a bit scary – strung up from the ceiling, gleaming life-size models hover, casting ominous shadows.
(Terri Peters)
WORDS THAT BUILD: Creating a Site Analysis That's Out of Sight

Tip #7: Write a site analysis using words referring to senses beyond sight.

by Norman Weinstein

October 8, 2008


Book Review: You've Got to Draw the Line Somewhere: A review of Drafting Culture: a Social History of Architectural Graphic Standards by George Barnett Johnston

by Norman Weinstein

September 30, 2008

A Treasure Reborn: The Currier Museum of Art by Ann Beha Architects

Manchester, New Hampshire: An important cultural resource reopens its doors after a thoughtful renovation and expansion.

by ArchNewsNow

September 23, 2008

The Currier Museum of Art: new north entrance highlights Mark di Suvero’s “Origins”; the all-glass north façade unites the 1980s additions
(Jonathan Hillyer)

WORDS THAT BUILD: Learning How to Persuade Through Learning Variations on a Theme

Tip #6: Master a communications tool that generates copious variations on your theme.

by Norman Weinstein

September 5, 2008

INSIGHT: Failing to Protect: Three Actions Our Leaders Must Take in Order to Save America's Crumbling Infrastructure

Miles of Midwest land under 10 feet of water, a major bridge collapsing to the ground, a flood-ravaged New Orleans - these are all images we won't soon forget. But how can we keep history from repeating itself yet again?

by Barry B. LePatner

August 28, 2008

I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis
(National Transportation Safety Board)

Book Review: "NeoHooDoo: Art for a Forgotten Faith," edited by Franklin Sirmans: Sharpen your pencils - and get ready to do a NeoHooDoo shimmy

This audacious book is a welcome reminder that no term in contemporary architectural design is as taboo as "vernacular spiritual."

by Norman Weinstein

August 26, 2008

Design by the Bushel: San Francisco design firms work fast to bring Slow Food Nation '08 to the city's front door, August 29 to September 1

by ArchNewsNow

August 25, 2008

Jensen Architects: Slow Food Nation Welcome Pavilion at the Civic Center

Green and Graceful: Sunset Community Centre by Bing Thom Architects

Vancouver, British Columbia: A new community center is now the focal point of culturally diverse neighborhood, both civically and architecturally.

by ArchNewsNow

August 21, 2008

Sunset Community Centre: east entrance
(Bob Matheson)
WORDS THAT BUILD: Respecting Key Words as Materials for Building Durable Structures

Tip #5: Recognize the key vocabulary shaping your professional practice and share those keywords with your clients.

by Norman Weinstein

August 5, 2008


Classic Nuance: Simon Hall at Indiana University by Flad Architects

A new research facility fits harmoniously with neighboring historic campus structures.

by Gregory Hoadley

July 18, 2008

Simon Hall at Indiana University
(Chris Barrett@Hedrich Blessing)
WORDS THAT BUILD: Steering Your Client in the Appropriate Direction

Tip #4: See your writing as a navigational aid so your design intent clearly comes through to your client.

by Norman Weinstein

July 8, 2008


INSIGHT: Bowling Alone in Urbanistaville

Is living in suburbia the social antidote?

by Richard Carson

June 24, 2008

WORDS THAT BUILD: Playing with the Flow of Communication

Tip #3: Use language that playfully enhances the flow of design intentions between you and your client.

by Norman Weinstein

June 10, 2008


Break, Pivot, Fuse: Conundrums of Shifting Space: The Daly Street Lofts by Joseph Giovannini

Los Angeles: Live/work lofts take on a new life - temporarily - as experimental exhibition spaces open to the public for the next two weekends.

by ArchNewsNow

May 14, 2008

Daly Street Lofts
(MKDunn Studios)
WORDS THAT BUILD: Clarifying Presentations to Clients through Rhythmic Emphasis

Tip #2: Use rhythmic accents to create a persuasive story to your client.

by Norman Weinstein

May 9, 2008


Infill in Green: 22nd Street Condominiums by John Maniscalco/Architecture

San Francisco: Lorax Development backs up its environmental claims with a GreenPoint Rated label for an infill project in the city's Mission District.

by Jennifer Roberts

April 15, 2008

The mixed-use, urban infill project has enviable eco-friendly credentials; the three-unit condo, with street-level commercial space, designed to be healthier and more energy- and resource-efficient, has been GreenPoint Rated
(Mike Kerwin / Lorax Development LLC)
WORDS THAT BUILD: Coping with chaotic communication challenges

Tip #1: Learn to enjoy communicating with your client.

by Norman Weinstein

April 11, 2008


Architecture Supermodels: Report from SmartGeometry Conference

Parametric design is set to revolutionize the way buildings are designed and built.

by Terri Peters

April 9, 2008

Workshop study using GenerativeComponents (as all workshops did) by Martin Krcha from Zaha Hadid Studio Vienna: Nesting of Bended Pyramids
(SmartGeometry / Bentley / Zaha Hadid Studio)
Notably Nouvel: 2008 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate

This year's recipient will be saying "merci" in Washington, DC.

by ArchNewsNow

March 30, 2008

Tour de Verre: proposed 75-story tower adjacent to the Museum of Modern Art, New York City (in progress)
(Ateliers Jean Nouvel)

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