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Transparent Connections: Princeton University School of Architecture Addition by Architecture Research Office (ARO)

Princeton, New Jersey: A contemporary connection revitalizes two wings of an existing campus building.

by ArchNewsNow

March 13, 2008

Princeton University School of Architecture addition
(Paul Warchol)
INSIGHT: Art in Learning: Bringing the Tradition of Sculpture in Architecture to Education

Art incorporated into school architecture can enliven the educational process in unexpected ways.

by Barry Svigals, FAIA

February 27, 2008

Beecher School: An 18-foot-tall “dancing” caraytid, designed by architect and sculptor Barry Svigals, supports the school’s new entrance canopy. The abstract steel figure represents two mythical characters: a Gideon calling the students to school and a Pied Piper, who, if the promise of education is not received, will call the students away.
(Robert Benson Photography)

INSIGHT: Transit-Oriented Design: An Evolution from Societal Convenience to Environmental Solution

TOD is the model for what multi-family housing will look like in the years ahead.

by John Burcher, AIA

February 12, 2008

Mixed-use Trianon complex in Clayton, Missouri, just west of St. Louis
(DeStefano + Partners)
A Bridge Between: California Academy of Sciences and Steinhart Aquarium Transition Facility by Melander Architects

San Francisco: So just where has Nemo been living while the new academy rises in Golden Gate Park?

by ArchNewsNow

February 5, 2008

SSsssnake Alley in the California Academy of Sciences transitional facility near San Francisco’s Yerba Buena arts district
(Richard Barnes)

High Times in LoDo: As it approaches its 150th anniversary, Denver has become a "Great City" with substantial new housing downtown

by ArchNewsNow

January 30, 2008

A 2006 aerial view of Denver shows Central Platte Valley with the new 30-acre Commons Park in the foreground; Riverfront Park (then under construction) on the park’s upper edge. Beyond (but low) is Denver Union Station and the rest of the LoDo warehouse district; Coors Stadium is far left. The Denver central business district rises in the background
From Back Lot to Front Lines: BattleStations 21 by SmithGroup

Great Lakes, Illinois: A new naval training facility uses entertainment technology developed for video games and theme park rides to create more realistic battle simulations.

by Mark McVay

January 24, 2008

The centerpiece of Battle Station 21 is a 3/5-scale replica of Arleigh Burke-class Destroyer
(George Lambros)

Women in Green: A Conversation with the Authors

Is there a greener gender? Q&A with Kira Gould and Lance Hosey about their motivation and experience for writing the book, and what have they learned from the process.

by Katie Swenson

January 22, 2008

Women in Green: Voices of Sustainable Design
(Ecotone Publishing)
Stern Seizes the Day: Tour Carpe Diem by Robert A.M. Stern Architects

The newest addition to La Défense is crystalline - and green.

by ArchNewsNow

January 18, 2008

Tour Carpe Diem from the Boulevard Circulaire, looking south; the faceted façades denote its Janus-like orientation to both Courbevoie and the dalle.
(studio amd for Robert A.M. Stern Architects)

INSIGHT: Mod Mods: Manufacturing Markets for Modulars

With market forces finally putting wind in the sails of pre-fab, the promise of sales should finally save industrial production of housing from the utopia to which it has been consigned.

by John Newman, AIA

January 11, 2008

Lindsay Newman Architecture and Design: 116 Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights, NY – modular intervention
(John Newman, AIA)
Welcome to the Neighborhoods: Jones Lang LaSalle Americas Headquarters by IA Interior Architects

Chicago: The global real estate services and money management firm addresses corporate agility through space planning with a bold approach to redesigning its headquarters.

by ArchNewsNow

December 13, 2007

Jones Lang LaSalle Americas Headquarters: “neighborhoods” are linked by “information highways” and provide a consistent brand message.
(Christopher Barrett/Hedrich Blessing)

Q&A with Peter Morrison and J. Robert Hillier, FAIA, re: RMJM Hillier

by ArchNewsNow

November 29, 2007

A Civic Gateway: Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure by Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners

Santa Monica, California: The humble parking garage is humble no more with a bold design that makes it a sparkling destination point in itself - oh, it's LEED green, too.

by ArchNewsNow

November 20, 2007

Santa Monica Civic Parking Structure: detail of multicolored channel-glass bays at Fourth Street and Civic Center Drive
(John Edward Linden)

Modern Focus on the Patient: Intermountain Medical Center by Anshen + Allen

Murray, Utah: A massive healthcare facility gives form to a parallel shift in medicine that emphasizes the art of healing rather than the mere administration of scientific procedures.

by Gregory Hoadley

October 25, 2007

Intermountain Medical Center: exterior of main lobby
(John Linden)
INSIGHT: Building Information Modeling: The Wave of the Future?

BIM promises to reshape the future design - and the way design professionals do business, but these basic risk management considerations should be taken into account to determine if BIM is right for you.

by Gary Prather

September 18, 2007

A Tale of Two Cities: Mixed-use Development in China

New building types and approaches to development leverage the best of international and local talents and practices.

by Tim Magill and David Moreno

September 13, 2007

Harbour Mile, Macau: aerial overview
(KWP Group)
INSIGHT: The Cultural and Environmental Differences of Global Project Types

As the world's economy becomes more global, western developers, designers, and engineers must keep developing innovative ideas for efficiency improvement if they want to keep ahead.

by Reg Monteyne, P.E., and Gary H. Pomerantz, P.E.

September 5, 2007

Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok) International Airport (Murphy/Jahn Architects/TAMS/ACT Consortium): incoming outdoor air is sub-cooled to condense humidity from the air, and then released to comfort conditions using a heat recovery system
(Rainer Viertlböck)

Native American History in Tomorrow's Library: Henry Madden Library at California State University, Fresno, by AC Martin Partners in association with RMJM Hillier

Fresno, California: A new campus library looks to the future while embodying Fresno's Native American and agricultural heritage.

by ArchNewsNow

August 20, 2007

Designed to be the “library of the future” – the Henry Madden Library will stand as a beacon of light in California’s Central Valley, housing the largest collection of volumes of any California State University.
(Shimahara Illustration)
Water Walls: Digital Water Pavilion by MIT and carlorattiassociati

MIT researchers design a building made of water that will flow at Expo Zaragoza in Spain next year.

by ArchNewsNow

July 12, 2007

The Digital Water Pavilion at the 2008 World Expo in Zaragoza, Spain will contain an exhibition area, a cafe, and public spaces.
(Courtesy carlorattiassociati – Walter Nicolino, Carlo Ratti, Claudio Bonicco, and Matteo Lai)

Designing Public Consensus: A Conversation with Barbara Faga, FASLA

Urban designer and executive vice president of EDAW discusses the trials, tribulations - and rewards of building public consensus.

by Kenneth Caldwell

June 12, 2007

Designing Public Consensus (Wiley 2006), written By Barbara Faga, is a very human take on how cities get built
Civil Twilight Team Wins 2007 Metropolis Next Generation® Design Prize

Members of San Francisco design collective awarded $10,000 for energy-conserving "Lunar-Resonant Streetlights" proposal.

by ArchNewsNow

April 27, 2007

City streetlights become a luminous network synchronized with the sky; crescent moon (left), full moon (right)
(Civil Twilight)

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