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Today’s News - Tuesday, July 9, 2013

•   A mid-summer meander through some Mid-century Modernism: Adams Strong spends some quality time in Saarinen's TWA Terminal, a "swooping, multi-level building with sunken lounges and shallow steps that invite gliding rather than climbing" (and that tile work - with great pix to prove it!).

•   Goldberger ponders the fate of Pan Am's 1960 Worldport terminal at JFK, "a U.F.O.-like monument to America's Jet Age innocence" with "a name that itself conjures up a certain innocent gusto."

•   Rosenbaum reports on the continuing commotion in Goshen: the vote to renovate rather than demolish Rudolph's Orange County Government Center may not be a done deal after all.

•   Minneapolis's Mississippi River front will be shaped by SCAPE, Rogers Marvel and team, winners of the city's Water Works competition.

•   Architecture and politics - never a dull moment: historic preservation is a campaign issue in Moscow's mayoral race.

•   Hatherley bemoans local council policies that "make producing decent architecture difficult": where is Stansfield Smith when you need him - Glasgow's solution to the George Square competition "is staggering in its miserliness and lack of either skill or imagination."

•   London's deputy mayor "blames 'expensive architects' for stalled housing" - and architects take issue: "There's some validity in what he says but he doesn't have to get nasty" about it.

•   English Heritage chief criticizes "the lack of architects currently within EH," and "challenged the modern architect for being too obsessed with creating new 'icons.'"

•   Melbourne architects "bemoan 'imitation heritage,'" fearing it "will result in more prescriptive planning that will further stifle creativity and innovation and lead to more 'mundane'' streetscapes."

•   Eyefuls of BIG/Dialog's Telus Sky tower in downtown Calgary: move over Bow Tower - this will be very big, very green (gargoyles included).

•   Eyefuls of the New Century Global Center in Chengdu: almost the size of Monaco, it could fit four Vatican Cities or 20 Sydney Opera Houses (fake sun, smog-free blue skies, and wave-filled beach included).

•   Hadid wins the bid to buy the Design Museum's old home on the Thames (for a reported £10 million): Sudjic says "we got the right deal," and the starchitect gets a home for her archive.

•   Heathcote waxes poetic about Rogers' Lloyd's Building: a "City masterpiece" that "appears as surprising and as seductive today as it did when it opened" (and yes, it merits its Grade I listing).

•   Wainwright weighs in on Ikea's flat-pack refugee shelter, "a cross between a giant garden shed and a khaki canvas marquee" (now if they can make it affordable).

•   There are just a few spots still available for the International Festival of Art & Construction/IFAC2013: "Self-sufficient Rural Future" in Covarrubias, Spain, coming up in August.

•   Call for entries: 2013 ARCHITECT Annual Design Review + Dwell Vision Award for technically and artistically ground breaking work + 5th Advanced Architecture Contest: "Self-sufficient Habitat."


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