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Today’s News - Monday, July 8, 2013

•   ArcSpace brings us senior housing in Portugal, and Zumthor's Kolumba Museum in Cologne.

•   It seems it's no longer a battle between two starchitects for a new Miami Beach Convention Center district - they're both losing to bureaucrats who now propose "a radical downsizing - a textbook example of how not to create a great urban space" (with OMA and BIG on "a deadline to decide if they want to continue").

•   Wainwright says Southbank Centre's "clever revamp" could "breathe new life into a dysfunctional national treasure," but "risks being overwhelmed" by "strap-on cash cows."

•   Booth, meanwhile, reports that Southbank Centre has pushed back its planning application after skateboarders' campaign to stop their space from being turned into retail units (and a vociferous National Theatre director saying the "scheme threatened to do 'irreparable harm'" to its setting).

•   King finds the three shortlisted proposals for the Presidio's Crissy Field "are underwhelming" - the site deserves better (George Lucas may win out "by sheer force of will").

•   Kimmelman heads west to check on a billionaire's plans to transform Las Vegas's downtown a la San Fran's Mission district or B'klyn's Williamsburg section: "Hard as it may be not to feel skeptical, the small-scale civic principles are solid. And sometimes a single determined mogul is just what a struggling city needs."

•   Toronto's booming condo market seems to be "a roaring success," though some fear "a U.S.-style crash."

•   Moore comes up with 10 projects that could solve Britain's housing crisis with "intelligence and invention" instead of just "gobbed-on boxes" (if link to great slide show doesn't work - a commenter offers an alternative route).

•   Birnbaum digs into the dilemmas and debate "about whether public parks and open space should be given away or sold to for-profit enterprises."

•   Litt x 2: he has high hopes that plans for the Red Line greenway "could become Cleveland's version of the New York High Line" - and "could play a fantastic role in fueling the next wave of urban resettlement in the core city."

•   He thinks it's high time for Cleveland to host a new bike summit: there are "terrific proposals to repurpose and re-use traffic lanes and other pieces of baggy, loose-fitting infrastructure...The problem - and it's a good one to have - is that a plethora of great proposals requires making choices."

•   An eyewitness report from the "extraordinary, ephemeral" Gezi Park before it was bulldozed: "people built an urban form that showed the potential there is for power through community" (great images, too) + Turkish court blocks plans to turn Gezi Park into a shopping haven.

•   Three winners offer inspired visions for an iconic site in the Redesigning Detroit competition.

•   Zeiger finds the "pastiche of optical effects" used for Columbia University's Campbell Sports Center "is straight out of the Holl playbook" - and thoroughly "seductive."

•   Heathcote headed to the St. Louis Art Museum to see if Chipperfield's addition matches up to "Gilbert's demand for beauty as a civic virtue": "I'm glad to report that it absolutely does."

•   Now that the Statue of Liberty has re-opened following months of post-Sandy repairs, Peter Lehrer reminds us - in great detail (and with fab photos!) - of the "complex feat of historic preservation" in getting the great lady ready for her centennial in 1986.


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