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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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Kimmelman makes the case for legislators to reconsider plans for Rudolph's Orange County Government Center that would leave the town of Goshen "with a Frankenstein's monster." -- Wainwright, meanwhile, cheers English Heritage finally giving postwar architecture "some love" by listing 14 office buildings: "they're an innovative bunch" from "a period that might not immediately jump to mind as fertile ground for producing cherished landmarks." -- Marks rounds up the reasons why English Heritage thinks those 14 deserved listing. -- Jacobs explains (quite convincingly) why "a second wave of PoMo might be on the way." -- A look at why Helsinki isn't (yet) sold on a Guggenheim Helsinki, raising questions that "make going forward without the commitment of the city a challenging, and murky, proposition." -- Saffron, on a brighter note, cheers Snøhetta/Stantec plans for Temple University's new library: more than "just adding another isolated architectural trophy," it launches "a long-overdue, place-making effort" that "blends innovation and tradition." -- Hopes are high that the second time will be a charm in the St. Petersburg Pier competition saga, with seven proposals in the running. -- King parses the three proposals in the running for a new Silicon Valley pedestrian/bike bridge, "the idea being to turn a functional need into a lasting statement." -- Lange practically gnashes her teeth about the AIA 2015 Gold Medal going to "another mature white. When I read that Moshe Safdie had been awarded - I groaned" (comments are caustic, too). -- The 2015 AJ Women in Architecture survey results are in: workplace sex discrimination - check; bullying - check. "But the survey did show signs of hope elsewhere." -- A great presentation of Metropolis's Game Changers 2015, the "fifth annual survey of the foremost forward-looking talents in the world of architecture and design" (indeed!). -- Dickinson delves deep into how data is "next frontier in sustainable design," and "why architects who embrace building performance may help their bottom lines" (it requires a "rethinking the architect/client relationship" - ice machines included). -- A look at what's influencing architecture today (mostly good news). -- On the other hand, a new report finds "tighter competition, off-shoring, and technological change are amongst a number of challenges confronting architecture firms in Australia" (dare we say everywhere?). -- Some interesting findings in PLANetizen's City Planning Department Technology Benchmarking Survey 2015 re: the "current state of Internet technology as employed by the planning department of over 500 U.S. cities." -- RAIC inducts Samuel Oboh as 76th President. -- Call for entries: World Habitat Awards 2015/16 + Re-thinking The Future Awards 2015 + 2015 IES Illumination Awards for lighting design.


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