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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of Canberra, Australia's new "progressive, quirky and vibrant" Nishi Building that "favors messiness, localism and pluralism over the expected and generic." -- BIG is tapped to design this year's Serpentine Pavilion - but wait - there's more (four more, to be exact). -- Stella and Schneider of the Detroit Creative Corridor Center consider what it means for Detroit to be a UNESCO City of Design: it "cannot simply be a moniker or a logo. It must be an attitude backed up by collective action." -- Pearman ponders what "architecture for the common good" is, and finds his answer in the winner of his MacEwen Award: "a second-hand wooden hut in South London. But a noble one - and the very antidote to waste." -- No editorial commentary, but eyefuls of some of the "Reinventing Paris" competition winners. -- Everyone seems to be onboard for NYC's LowLine subterranean park, "so, what's the hold-up?" -- Massengale explains why, if NYC (or any city) really wants to make its streets safer for MHOs, or Moving Hazardous Objects (a.k.a. people), we have to change the way we build them - "we can have our cake and eat it to." -- Turns out all those zippy, stripy, flowery, colorful painted crosswalks cheering up neighborhoods (and neighbors) are against federal guidelines ("crosswalk art is actually contrary to the goal of increased safety"), but St. Louis "won't tear out existing painted crosswalks unless evidence suggests they are truly decreasing safety." -- HKS's roof for the new Minnesota Vikings stadium "is so cool it's barely there." -- True & Co. sends its "Try-On Truck" on a road trip across the country - it's "part pop-up shop and fit shop, an iteration of 'nomadic retail,' and was inspired by the tiny home movement." -- Gehry, Lin, and Branson discover how their ancestors took audacious risks (a genetic character trait, it would seem). -- ArchDaily Building of the Year 2016 offers up "14 stunning winners." -- Adjaye, Gang, Hartman, Bierut, and Forty are headed to the American Academy in Rome (che fortunati!). -- ASLA celebrates six leaders of landscape architecture for African American History Month. -- One we couldn't resist: eyefuls of Malta's special carnival float - "a rather unorthodox tribute" with a "gigantic, smiling" Renzo Piano titled "For those who have built Valletta" (we kid you not!). -- Call for entries: Design our Ryde (Australia) International Design Competition + Re-defining Home: Home Today, Home Tomorrow Design Challenge + London Internet Museum.


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