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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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ArcSpace brings us Meyer's most excellent travel guide for Oslo: "which other city provides heated sidewalks and artificially-lit cross country ski tracks?" (along with "breathtaking landscapes and architectural highlights"). -- Lange, despite the lack of curb appeal and "overwrought shell," likes the Whitney's innards: "Go upstairs and ignore the rest." -- Stott delves into "why 2015's most important design in architecture isn't a building," but Kimmelman's Whitney review in the NYT - it "proved that a different way of representing architecture in the media is not only possible, but still as visually compelling as the system it hopes to replace." -- Lubell is inspired by much of what he heard at the Third Los Angeles Project, but "where do we go from here? For all the well-intentioned concepts, implementation is where we continually slip in LA." -- Hatherley is a bit skeptical about plans to transform "one of London's last great ruins" that "will further entrench the corporatization of everyday life" (and what is a "brand experience pavilion" anyway?). -- Bozikovic digs deep into "why Toronto is at the forefront of the landscape architecture movement," and becoming "a world leader in designing and shaping urban outdoor spaces." -- How landscape architects in Kentucky are designing change for sex workers in India by offering new careers in textile and design production. -- Cox Architecture tapped to design a $100 million Australian war memorial center in France. -- Moore marvels at Gray's "lost legend of 20th-century architecture" on the Côte d'Azur: the modernist villa "has witnessed wartime shootings, murder and vandalism by Le Corbusier. Now, at last, it has been brought back to life." -- Good reasons to be in Toronto and L.A. in a few weeks: TCLF's Leading with Landscape Conference: What does it mean for a 21st century city to be historic and modern at the same time? + Dwell on Design, Los Angeles 3-day celebration of everything design. -- Eyefuls of impressive winners from all over: Cooper Hewitt's 2015 Annual National Design Awards + 2015 AIA UK Design Awards + Calys parses the 2015 AIASF design awards: "Behind the architectural glam and glitter, lurked the back story." + AIA Georgia 2015 Design Awards. -- Call for entries: Proposals for 2015 New York Festival of Light + 5th Annual Architecture at Zero international open ideas competition + Safdie Architects Research Fellowship.


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