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Today’s News - Tuesday, June 30, 2009

•   A serene, art-filled urban oasis arrives in the heart of St. Louis's Gateway Mall.

•   Another much more massive project could take shape in the city; some cheer, some remain suspicious.

•   Chicago preservationists give up the battle to save Michael Reese Hospital campus buildings.

•   Kamin pays tribute to Ezra Gordon, one of the campus architects, and his "career characterized by quiet buildings and a strong social conscience."

•   Morgan bemoans the stalling in preserving an "American engineering marvel" - a 1923 bridge on the 2009 list of America's Most Endangered Historic Places.

•   Two urban experts take on the Great Vancouver vs. Seattle Debate: Is the civic grass greener on the other side of the border? + watch them call it as they see it.

•   Correcting the shortcomings in the American Clean Energy and Security Act must become a top priority.

•   A new study finds that wind power "could harness enough power to supply more than 40 times the planet's present-day levels of electricity consumption" (so why isn't it happening faster?!!?).

•   In Houston, a landscape architect offers a way to make a usually ugly necessity beautiful - a flood-control plan that the neighbors love.

•   There's a possibility that an "invisibility cloak" could hide buildings from earthquakes, storm waves, or tsunamis.

•   Tacoma Art Museum names shortlist for museum plaza redesign.

•   CABE cautious over Koolhaas' Commonwealth Institute plans.

•   Blowin' in the wind: Heatherwick's 2010 Shanghai Expo UK pavilion (60,000 7.5m-long acrylic "hairs" included).

•   A new crown for Wren's Westminster Abbey - maybe.

•   Woodman wonders whether the £10 million is justified: "perhaps."

•   Dwell and Marmol Radziner's prefab Skyline series: will it sell? Time will tell.

•   Maltzan takes Rudy Bruner Foundation Gold Medal Award for Urban Excellence - but the big winner: students of his Inner-City Arts project.

•   Young Toronto firm takes Canada's Prix de Rome in Architecture to study housing for northern climates.


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