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Today’s News - Monday, June 29, 2009

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls a new museum in China and another take on Piano's Modern Wing.

•   Lewis hopes the U.S. can find an "official champion of architecture" a la Moynihan: "is thoughtful design advocacy by U.S. leaders and citizens also improbable, now and in the future? Let's hope not" (at least the Brits are worrying and talking about design).

•   Russell to Atlanta: just because you're not getting a concert hall by Calatrava: "a new site and a new architect should not be a license to lowball."

•   Pearman visits the new Acropolis Museum and likes what he sees - on the inside, anyway.

•   San Francisco rethinks its Transbay Transit Terminal plans: a gamble that might - or might not - pay off.

•   Some ideas on how to green a city without tearing it down.

•   Does the disabled lobby have too great a say in planning? Yes, says Allford; no, argues RNIB's Winyard.

•   Kamin gives a hearty thumbs-up to Chicago's new Riverwalk: "combines engineering muscle and architectural élan" (don't expect San Antonio - and that's a good thing - great pix, too).

•   Rochon finds "there's no war being waged between cars and bikes" as she cycles around Copenhagen; the city offers some serious lessons for Toronto's planners.

•   Meanwhile, California could be in for an interesting architect-designed bike storage system (an added plus: it won't be easy to steal wheels).

•   Twisting, turning towers in Dubai take a "turn for the worse" (not all are so pessimistic).

•   As India modernizes its airports, will they lose their uniqueness?

•   O'Donnell & Tuomey beats out an impressive shortlist for LSE student center commission.

•   A new museum in Germany turns the world's climate zones into an experience (alas, no mention of architect).

•   "Dresden will survive" losing UNESCO World Heritage Site status for Elbe Valley (but Germany gains another site).


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