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Today's News - January 29, 2004

We knew it was coming: lots of (mixed) reactions to Gehry's Art Gallery of Ontario: not enough or too much "exuberant metallic whoop-dee-doo" (even Barton Myers chimes in). -- Tokyo and Taiwan take on symphonic and artful endeavors. -- A "card-carrying member of the Fourth Estate" finds himself in agreement with (gasp) developers. -- Universal design makes everyone more productive. -- Study finds school furniture doesn't fit children. -- An "adventurous exhibition" of young architects in Dublin goes well beyond models, drawings, and photographs.

Editor's note: ANN will be attending the 25th Annual Interiors Awards breakfast tomorrow morning (thank you Contract Magazine and Wilsonart)…there will be no newsletter. See you on Monday!

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Is Gehry in the building? The rich possibilities of the architect's early AGO models are not yet realized. He should be given time to grow...[he] has gone missing in other parts of the gallery redesign. By Lisa Rochon- Globe and Mail (Canada)

Gehry returns to his roots...to Toronto, and to architecture. By Christopher Hume [link to images]- Toronto Star

Wild Gehry has planned a Volvo of a building for Toronto: ...rational and civic, as much about programming and planning as it about pure design...a very Toronto kind of building.- Globe and Mail (Canada)

Star architect's AGO design 'thoughtful,' not splashy: Barton Meyers: "Toronto should have a Frank Gehry building...too bad that the one it's getting is at the expense of something that's already excellent."- Globe and Mail (Canada)

It Ain’t Bilbao: Frank Gehry Unveils the New Art Gallery of Ontario: “Toronto’s a nice, friendly city. I want to be polite, Canadian.”- Digital Journal

Gehry Returns to Toronto With a Vision of Glass [slide show]- New York Times

A new home for the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra - Matsuda-Hirata Design Office [link to images]- Japan Times

LORD selected to manage National Palace Museum southern branch: experience with Asian museums, concern for local environment secure bid. Three bidders [included] Tadao Andao and E. Verner Johnson and Associates- Taiwan News

Developers should have their way at Gateway: Today's neighborhood deserves better than a 12-foot-high green fence. By John King- San Francisco Chronicle

Designs for the Disabled Often Better for the Able, Too: ...could actually save employers money through increased productivity in both the disabled and able-bodied worker- ErgoWeb

School Furniture May Not Fit Students: Recent research in New Zealand indicates that school children may not fit into the furniture they're provided.- ErgoWeb

Are you experienced, architecturally? Five up-and-coming architectural practices are staging an exhibition that allows the public to experience architecture. By Frank McDonald - Boyd Cody; FKL; Hassett Ducatez; Heneghan Peng; Dominic Stevens and Tom de Paor- Irish Times

On Track: Frank R. Lautenberg Rail Station at Secaucus Junction: Commuting is made easier (and grander) with a transit hub 10 years in the making. - Brennan Beer Gorman Architects [images]- ArchNewsNow

INSIGHT: RINCONoitering: How Vancouver Ideas Do - and Do Not Help - in Shaping San Francisco's First High Density Neighborhood. By Trevor Boddy [images]- ArchNewsNow


The Camera: Photographer Edmund Sumner: Jubilee Church By Richard Meier & Partners


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