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Today's News - January 28, 2004

NY/NJ commuting now easier (and grander). -- Concerns about rapid rail link plans in San Francisco: it isn't just the budget. -- AGO design will be revealed later this morning (titanium included). In the meantime we have a "sneak peek" (verbally anyway), and a bit of history. -- Australian investments in U.S. are big, if unglamorous. -- Savvy specialists save sick malls. -- Lessons to be learned from great - and not-so-great - public spaces. -- Delays (and possible cancellations) for some great public spaces in post-Big Dig Boston. -- Big plans (and contracts for Chicago airport expansion. -- London homebuilders not happy with solar power plan. -- Conference focuses on "gold standard" of office building design. -- An architect changes universities, but leaves a lasting legacy. -- A space architect explores the institutional memory of NASA. -- Still trying to save a California "icon of atomic-age optimism." -- It took 10 years, but Glasgow saves its Lion Chambers. -- A Venezuelan architect as protector of Laotian temple.

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On Track: Frank R. Lautenberg Rail Station at Secaucus Junction: Commuting is made easier (and grander) with a transit hub 10 years in the making. - Brennan Beer Gorman Architects [images]- ArchNewsNow

Study touts rapid rail links: $37 billion project cheaper, cleaner than roads, airports: ...biggest controversies...mountain crossing...station locations and the impacts on coastal communities and parks and wilderness areas.- San Francisco Chronicle

Insiders get a peek at new AGO design: Gehry plan to include canopy of curved titanium and glass on Dundas- Globe and Mail (Canada)

Re-imagining the Art Gallery of Ontario - again and again: has been a work in progress for most of its 104 years, and is unlikely to stop being one now. - Frank Darling; Darling, Pearson and Cleveland Architects; John C. Parkin and Associates; Barton Myers/Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg; Frank O. Gehry- Globe and Mail (Canada)

Australians Become Big Investors in U.S.: ...mostly making decidedly unglamorous investments in shopping centers anchored by supermarkets or drugstores and in industrial buildings.- New York Times

Savvy Specialists Help 'Sick' Malls Get Better: Meet the mall doctor.- Wall Street Journal

Great Public Spaces by Project for Public Spaces – Instructive Lessons From Here & Abroad - Fred Kent- The Planning Report

Big Dig's parks projects facing delays: Advocates fear some won't be completed- Boston Globe

City awards high-value O'Hare contract: Chicago Aviation Partners, a consortium headed by Florida-based DMJM Aviation could earn up to $40 million for work [for] $6.6-billion O’Hare Modernization Program- Crain's Chicago Business

Solar power plan for new homes in capital: [home builders say] increased costs would exacerbate affordable housing shortages- Independent (UK)

Conference: Gold standard - How to create winning office buildings and environments, London, February 10- British Council for Offices

David Neuman leaves [university] landscape built on clarity, 'sense of place': departing Stanford to become architect for the University of Virginia- Stanford Report (California)

It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist: Space architect Constance Adams spent seven years at NASA. Here's her prescription for fixing the place: "...in large-scale urban, medical and institutional architecture, I have always started any new project with an investigation into institutional memory."- Popular Science

Commentary: What if it wasn't 'every man for himself' with Glendale Federal Complex [1959] renovation? ...an icon of atomic-age optimism...will be housing of last resort, not housing of first choice. - W.A. Sarmiento- Los Angeles Times

An architectural Lion roars again: The wraps are finally coming off one of Glasgow’s hidden architectural gems after the Lion Chambers (1905) was clad in scaffolding for close to a decade. - James Salmon, Jr.- The Scotsman (UK)

A Venezuelan Watches Over the Temple: The campaign to preserve Luang Prabang [Laos] from the onslaught of tourism can count on the enthusiastic efforts of Venezuelan architect Felipe Delmont.- IPS-Inter Press Service

INSIGHT: RINCONoitering: How Vancouver Ideas Do - and Do Not Help - in Shaping San Francisco's First High Density Neighborhood. By Trevor Boddy [images]- ArchNewsNow


The Camera: Photographer Edmund Sumner: Jubilee Church By Richard Meier & Partners


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