Today’s News - Thursday, June 8, 2017

EDITOR'S NOTE: Happy Birthday Frank Lloyd Wright! This morning we're at a preview of MoMA's "Frank Lloyd Wright at 150: Unpacking the Archive" instead of compiling Today's News. To celebrate FLW's birthday in a very ANN way - today's newsletter is all things FLW all the time (with lots of fab photos!) - enjoy!

In the meantime, tomorrow and Monday will be no-newsletter days. We'll be back Tuesday, June 13.

●   ANN feature: An excerpt from Hession and Pickrel's most excellent "Frank Lloyd Wright in New York: The Plaza Years, 1954-1959': "A Plaza home and office had much to offer the architect, including prestige, prospect, and refuge - an elegant perch from which to survey the city he loved to hate."

●   Bergdoll tells us what it was like "unpacking the FLW archive for this summer's must-see museum show" at MoMA: "Discoveries can still be made about America's most famous architect."

●   Moore minces no words about some "really irksome" things that "provoke in me a special allergy - his obsessive, crabby, dominating personality" makes "you, the human occupant, feel superfluous" (he seems to like FLW's "late, kitschy, you might say senile period" and "Travels With Frank Lloyd Wright," Gwyn Lloyd Jones' "quirky new book").

●   Kamin parses "one of the most outlandish episodes in FLW's outlandish life" - the unveiling of his mile-high skyscraper (at the age of 89): "If the publicity stunt was a bid for posterity, it didn't work."

●   A great round-up of Wright's existing and demolished structures in NYC, "a place he considered a 'pig pile,' a 'fibrous tumor,'" and the "skyline a 'medieval atrocity.'"

●   The tale of FLW's 1939 "cringe-inducing auto tour" of St. Louis: "he wasn't that impressed - after that, the newspapers here had a heyday. The architects spat back" ("He's one of those necessary evils. He rounds out the world," sayeth W.D. Crowell).

●   Marcus takes an FLW architecture tour through the Midwest: "Yes, his personal life had scandal. Yes, he could sometimes be a real pain to work with. But his ideas continue on well beyond his life."

●   The FLW Foundation's "new vision for Taliesin West" no longer regards it "as a house museum - an artifact frozen in time" (tours today for $1.50 - with birthday cupcakes!).

●   NYT's round-up of FLW "tours, exhibitions, and tattoos."

●   Sisson x 2: he maps 45 "essential" FLW works from across the country (with links to projects' websites, to boot).

●   He takes us on a tour of Wright's final residential design, the Riverrock House in Ohio: "it appears the entire 10-acre property - including the finished 1955 home and the unbuilt Riverrock blueprints can be had for $1.7 million" (sounds like a bargain!).

●   Curbed celebrates "Frank Lloyd Wright Week" with a round-up of dozens of its FLW feature stories.

●   We're looking forward to "Ezra Stoller Photographs Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture" at the Yossi Milo Gallery in NYC: "Once, in response to an editor's query on whether Wright would instruct Stoller on how he'd like his buildings documented, Wright replied: 'Ezra will know.'"

●   The National Building Museum is turning a gallery into a giant FLW coloring book: you'll "be able to 'wright' on Wright's masterpieces" (please don't bring your own coloring supplies - dry-erase markers will be provided).

●   How could we not include a link to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation ("Take a selfie with Flat Frank" - and shop!).

●   Lego's Guggenheim Museum model gets "a plastic revamp" - more detailed than the 2009 version (yellow taxis included).

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