Today’s News - Wednesday, June 7, 2017

●   Our sunny day just turned very sad: we've lost Robert Kliment, who "practiced a humanistic architecture."

●   We've also lost Mid-century Modern master William Krisel of butterfly roof fame: "Fans of brightly colored doors and whimsical rooflines, lament."

●   Davidson ponders "why shiny glass towers are bad for city life. It's as if you reduced all of the world's cuisines down to airline food" (he cheers architects rediscovering "the joys of texture without backing away from modernity").

●   Bond considers the recent Conscious Cities Conference in London that considered how "psychology-based insights could change how cities are built. Welcome to the new era of neuro-architecture."

●   King considers the "ambitious" Resilient by Design | Bay Area Challenge that "has the potential to reshape the region," allowing planners and politicians "a way to prepare for the future with creativity, not just fear."

●   Call for entries: Resilient by Design | Bay Area Challenge: propose community-based solutions that will strengthen the San Francisco region's resilience to sea level rise, severe storms, flooding, etc.

●   Viola ponders whether feelings have "softened" 10 years after Libeskind's ROM Crystal opened in Toronto (for the curators, probably not).

●   Wainwright x 2: he parses Google's "sober" design for its London "landscraper" that "sports a polite corporate costume" and "cranks down the wow factor" (Heatherwick and BIG as not much more than "signature stylists").

●   He offers his rather humorous take on his "day sipping champagne with the superyacht set" at the SuperYacht Gallery (a niche market - anti-aircraft missile defense systems not included).

●   Rosenbaum offers "an irreverent photo essay" re: "MoMA's mega-makeover" by DS+R ("austere" seating in a new lounge "isn't as uncomfortable as it looks").

●   OMA shows off its "sliced design" for the Boston Seaport.

●   A look at Davis Brody Bond's Hudson Yards tower that will "will saddle up next to" Heatherwick's Vessel and DS+R/Rockwell's The Shed.

●   Yesterday, we found out why Italy is giving away historic buildings; today, it's the U.K. offering hundreds of Britain's "saddest buildings" to "brave buyers": "They are the ultimate in fixer-uppers" (we want one!).

●   A foundation buys a "huge chunk" of a poor Maine town, planning to spend up to $10 million to save the "dying industrial town."

●   A look at how a $25,000 NEA grant "became a springboard for change in a rural Minnesota community."

●   Eyefuls of Record Houses 2017 winners (great presentations).

●   Two we couldn't resist: Kolson Hurley considers HWKN's "New(er) York" that recreates the city's beloved Art Deco buildings for the 21st century: it "may not be the next Art Deco. But it's a breath of fresh air in the age of the boring glass box."

●   O'Sullivan offers a hilarious take on Florence being fed up with picnickers snacking on the steps of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Dei Fiore - eat at your own risk - you might just get hosed down.

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