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Today’s News - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

EDITOR'S NOTE: We're heading to Harvard tomorrow for the Journalists Forum on Land and the Built Environment (we're psyched!), and won't be posting again until Monday, March 31. (So you have lots of time to catch up on all the Pritzker prose we gathered yesterday and today.)

•   Weinstein ponders a "new chapter" for public library design via Dawson's "meticulously executed" photo-essay, "The Public Library," and Ann Hamilton Studio's literally literary floor for the Seattle Public Library.

•   More Pritzker prose: Goldberger's very thoughtful take is not all hearts and roses, but he cheers "a talented architect" and his "remarkable model of architectural practice that focuses on the intersection between aesthetics and social responsibility...the timing is exquisite, given the recent brouhaha over remarks" made by Hadid and Schumacher.

•   Lange, Lamster, Hawthorne, and Miranda form a critics' roundtable: do they agree with Ban pick, and what of "perennial frontrunners" Holl and Chipperfield, and not forgetting the women's issue, Gang and Scott Brown?

•   An interesting round-up of critics' and peers' comments on Ban's Pritzker Prize.

•   Charlie Rose spends most of his show in conversation with Tom Pritzker and Shigeru Ban.

•   Two Q&A's with Ban: Brake sits down with him in Metal Shutter Houses, and Makovsky & Medina at a Japanese hotel near Grand Central Station - not all the same questions and not all the same answers.

•   How could we resist two round-ups of reactions by some very notable names in Twitter-world!

•   Saltz continues to seethe re: MoMA/AFAM plan that "irretrievably dooms MoMA...If the wrecking ball swings in May, our beautiful garden of modernism will become another Penn Station."

•   Wainwright wades into what's behind Koolhaas and de Graaf's design for denim brand G-Star Raw HQ in Amsterdam, "a building-as-billboard that revels in its crudeness" ("We have never been so vulgar," says Koolhaas).

•   More criticism and rebuttals re: the Brady/RIBA Council Israeli motion.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   In honor of the World Wildlife Fund's Earth Hour on Saturday, some fab designers "created a series of whimsical, tongue-in-cheek posters nudging people to live more sustainable lives" and do "The Green Thing."

•   "The Competition" documents five big-name firms vying for a museum commission that "offers a rare and comical look at their inner workings, and sheds light on the ways starchitects carefully curate their public images" (debuting at Copenhagen Architecture Festival x Film today).

•   Zara offers an amusing take on MoMA's "A Collection of Ideas" (a "Lady Gaga of an exhibition"), and "Designing Modern Women" ("chided for being too bland, too predictable, and too conventional").

•   Spens finds Maxwell's "Ancient Wisdom and Modern Knowhow" to be "a magisterial volume" - and "hopefully not a swansong" by "the current leading transatlantic architectural historian and critic."

•   Q&A with Montgomery re: "Happy City": it's the result of his encounter with Peñalosa, "the charismatic, evangelical, ex-mayor of Bogotá, Colombia."

•   Khorsandi finds a "genuinely inspiring" collection of projects and essays in "Modern American Housing: High-Rise, Reuse, Infill": "What many (honest) practitioners will admit is that the most effective means of altering the built environment is by engaging in politics."

•   Goodyear's Q&A with Yanow re: "War of Streets and Houses," a new graphic memoir that, "with deft sketches and minimal text, shows how the streets of a city can simultaneously foster and crush social change."

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