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Today’s News - Tuesday, March 25, 2014

EDITOR'S NOTE: It's a Pritzker kind of day - and we couldn't be more pleased that Shigeru Ban is this year's Laureate! We've sifted through miles of regurgitations of the press release to round up some of our faves (in no particular order) who actually talked the man and/or have serious things to say about the architect - and what the jury's pick may signify. All well worth reading!

•   Iovine: "it would be hard to imagine another architect more perfectly embodying the current mood in architecture."

•   Kimmelman: "The jury sent a clear message: Good design and good works can both be rewarded" (that it didn't choose a woman "suggests that change in architecture remains glacial and needs a shove. But it is happening").

•   Hawthorne: "a clear attempt by the jury to address the longstanding (and recently deepening) rift between architecture's humanitarian and high-design wings. There aren't many architects who try to bridge the divide" (that rift "may be bigger than it realizes").

•   Goldhagen: "Empowered by the Pritzker, he is positioned to have a profound influence on the profession and in the world. He has the drive. He has the intellect, the moral, and the social make this promise a reality."

•   Heathcote: Ban "is both an unexpected and a good choice. His ingenious and inventive architecture is a rare blend of the sustainable, the recyclable and the beautiful."

•   Medina/Makovsky: "he is surprisingly ambiguous about the inspiration for his social-oriented work."

•   Ferro: "He appears more worried than delighted by the prospect of resting on his laurels, deserved as that might be. 'I want to be very careful,' he repeats whenever I hint at the notion that this award might be A Big Deal."

•   Just the facts: the Pritzker Prize package with links to selected works, bio, citation, etc.

•   In other news (yes, there is other news): Three former New Jersey governors pen an op-ed re: plans for LG Electronics new HQ: it "would take for its own private benefit the Palisades' natural beauty and unspoiled views - which belong to the public...we remain hopeful that LG will do the right thing. The building can be redesigned. The Palisades and the Hudson River cannot."

•   van der Heijden questions there really is a "green building revolution" going on in Australia - other than in high-end office buildings: "If the vast majority of buildings are not hitting the highest sustainability standards, then are we really witnessing a revolution?"

•   Goldberger is totally taken by Rockwell's "gorgeous" temporary TED Theater inside the Vancouver Convention Center: "Serious architects don't usually design temporary buildings, so that alone makes this noteworthy. And it's even more unusual when a temporary building is worth talking about as a piece of architecture."

•   Mackenzie has a fascinating Q&A with Koolhaas re: the Venice Biennale, working in China, and much, much more ("Frampton is smart, but...").

•   A great Q&A with Iwan Baan re: his new show "52 Cities, 52 Weeks" opening in Herford, Germany, and his "fascination with ordinary people's extraordinary use of space" (fab photos, of course!).

•   A good reason to head to Denmark on Thursday: the Copenhagen Architecture Festival X Film takes a bow.

•   A most excellent presentation of the AJ Small Projects 2014 winners.

•   Tyler Sharp takes home the RAIC 2014 Young Architect Award: "His success demonstrates that individual creativity and talent can be exercised within a larger firm context."

•   Call for entries: Reinventing the African Mud Hut International Design Competition.

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