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Today’s News - Wednesday, October 23, 2013

•   Stormy politics in a post-Sandy world: an engineer takes issue with those claiming "better engineering could have saved America billions. It is not engineering that must change to keep up with the changing global climate, but how decisions are made based on cost- and risk-benefit analyses."

•   Russell x 2: He takes a look at how architects are planning "for the next Big One" beyond "drive-by damage assessments and holding empty 'ideas' competitions. Balancing the need for speed and deliberative planning isn't easy."

•   On a brighter note, he's taken by Holl's "jazzy" sports center for Columbia University that "flamboyantly bumps and grinds around a busy corner"; the "architectural chameleon is a poetic barometer of its dissonant circumstances."

•   A fascinating, in-depth look at water scarcity as a design opportunity: "What shape would neighborhoods, architecture, and the urban experience take if design fully recognized and exploited the challenges?"

•   Cucinella calls for Ghanaian architects to "be more creative" to "find its own way of designing buildings without necessarily importing foreign models" to ensure sustainability.

•   Sacramento hops on the bike corral and parklet bandwagon: "it is not often that the council makes a decision that is 'so clearly for the public health benefit.'"

•   St. Louis proposes a fund to "mothball" vacant but valuable buildings for future development: "The tough question is which ones to save."

•   Knapp digs deep into prefab - its history of "utopian misfires," and "why architects have not managed to capitalize effectively upon the platform" (great read!).

•   A Cornell professor considers OMA's College of Architecture "a disaster" (leaks included - link to video with full, serious explanation).

•   A "rarely seen video" with a "behind-the-scenes look" at how Foster's Apple "spaceship" HQ design came to be: "It's classic Apple showmanship: inspirational music and choice quotes from Steve Jobs that pull at the heartstrings."

•   Heathcote x 2: he talks to Gehry - now he's part of Battersea power station project with Foster et. al.

•   He ponders why it is that "Hollywood bad guys always seem to get the best houses" (in this case by Lautner and Neutra - a really fun read!).

•   Hawthorne gets the skinny on MoMA's next global initiative to take on the megacity (impressive!).

•   A millionaire launches the five-year CyArk 500 project using 3D laser scans to make a digital blueprint of 500 structures and ruins across the globe - and is looking for nominations of sites to scan.

•   UTS's Burke offers a great history of Utzon's Sydney Opera House (compromises, complexities, and changes abound).

•   Christo is not at all put off by opposition to his "Over the River" project in Colorado: the years of "tribulations are as much reward as the flowering of his grandiose projects."

•   Eyefuls of 11 unbuilt Australian "architectural gems unearthed" for 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale.

•   Ending the day on a high note: AIA's Architecture Billings Index keeps going up: "Doing more with less (or fewer) has become the motto du jour."


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