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Today’s News - Tuesday, October 22, 2013

•   Caldwell sent us his report from the Monterey Design Conference: "Dinners were better, breakfast was not, but the weather was stunning," and the line-up of regional, national, and international architects was (mostly) inspiring.

•   Part I of a special report on NYC a year after Hurricane Sandy reveals "striking disconnects" between City Hall and the neighborhoods affected.

•   Chaban reports on plans for a Park Avenue makeover around Grand Central in an effort to "put a green sheen on a controversial East Side rezoning."

•   Heathcote delves deep into the history and future of what have typically been "boring buildings" where "most scientific breakthroughs have occurred," and ponders: "Should they express something of the wonder of the world they are built to examine?" (great read and great pix).

•   Buxton checks in on the future of health-care design with a look at "some of the fresh and witty design thinking taking place in healthcare environments today."

•   Kamin gives two thumbs-up to Gang's "stunner" of a boathouse on the Chicago River: "Here is the rare building that simultaneously shapes space and works as an object in space that befits Chicago's status as the first city of American architecture" (alas, there's also politics - but fab pix!).

•   Pepchinski has a few quibbles with little details, but otherwise finds the Tchoban Foundation Museum for Architectural Drawing in Berlin "just right for its content."

•   Nettler's Q&A with Birnbaum re: the state of landscape preservation and "why its easier to love a landscape than a building": "It's no longer just 'Zaha' and 'Rem.'"

•   Coren reports on Milwaukee's urban agriculture initiative to repurpose some of the city's 2,700 vacant lots and 1,300 foreclosed homes rather than mothballing them to sell in the next boom.

•   Hume minces no words about why it's time to bring down Toronto's Gardiner Expressway: "How does it help to have a raised highway that separates and divides the very city it was meant to bring together?" (comments are full of anger and angst).

•   Eyefuls of Anselmi Attiani Associated Architects' winning design in the Breathe: Urban Village competition that "is being held up as the new face of central city living in Christchurch."

•   That's just in time for Christchurch's FESTA 2013, where "vacant sites and empty buildings will be used to encourage urban activity in the CBD, inviting the public to participate in the remaking of the city."

•   Bad news/good news for Modernism: An architectural historian sees the demolition of Goldberg's Prentice Hospital as Chicago's "Penn Station moment" (great read!) + Slideshow of some Modernist buildings either at-risk or already demolished (alas, not all architects are credited).

•   On a brighter note, hopes are high that Gorlin's plans for Saarinen's Bell Labs "will re-emerge as a civic center for the surrounding town."

•   Lowder plays myth-buster: Brutalist campus buildings were not designed to thwart student riots: "the philosophy behind Brutalism was directly opposed to repression and control, a detail which makes the style's later association with totalitarianism all the more ironic" (great pix, too).

•   Fisher revisits a 1973 P/A Award winner: Ant Farm's House of the Century "anticipated the current interest in parametric and sustainable design" - bit it was "built in the wrong century."

•   Future Cities' Top 100 City Innovators are some of our faves (and the Most Overrated - Calatrava makes the cut) + Cheers to the thought leaders lined up for the 2nd annual VERGE 25 Awards.


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