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Today’s News - Tuesday, July 2, 2013

EDITOR'S NOTE: First, apologies for late posting - our Internet tubes got clogged this morning. Second, in honor of Independence Day on Thursday, we're declaring our independence a day early and taking the rest of the week off. We'll be back Monday, July 8 (with lotsa catching up to do!).

•   Krier answers Weinstein's queries re: his Albert Speer book (and then some!).

•   Jaffe reports on "a fascinating-if-fantastical" paper that proposes "a radical concept that would let people have their suburbs and cars and their sustainable cities, too."

•   Lewis explains why it's often difficult for NIMBYs to accept change: "Opposition is sometimes motivated by perceptions, beliefs and fears that are unrealistic, unfounded or unfair."

•   Litt hopes Cleveland gets a "new set of visual guidelines for the next wave of downtown projects near the lake...It's time to get relentless - about views."

•   Rawsthorn gives a rave review to the Biospheric Project, led by young architects, that "has made beauty from blight" with a "garden of Eden amid the rubble" of an industrial city near Manchester, U.K.

•   Groves ponders the future of Welton Becket's (very cool) 1958 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium: "Its future is uncertain, but preservation-minded residents have made it clear that they want the venue to have one."

•   Chipperfield's new wing for the St. Louis Art Museum has garnered praise for its "inconspicuous profile," though some say it shows"too much restraint" and "doesn't dream": "the point wasn't to be flashy."

•   Russell is cheered by small changes happening at Sandy-bashed beaches in New York's Rockaway: they're "small, symbolic signs of storm-resistant renewal" with details that "delight."

•   Bernstein cheers the new Pines Pavilion on Fire Island: "it could be seen as the love child of Horace Gifford and OMA...And so far, the community is smitten" + A wonderful excerpt from Rawlins' "Fire Island Modernist: Horace Gifford and the Architecture of Seduction."

•   Still in summer mode, a campaign is underway for an "ambitious project to float a public swimming pool in New York's East River."

•   Moore marvels at Gray's E1027, a "graceful modernist villa": "Now its long-drawn-out restoration is provoking accusations of botching," but "it is not all doom and gloom."

•   A stellar Canadian shortlist vies to design Emily Carr University of Art + Design campus that could "change Vancouver's urban landscape."

•   A winner is selected in a competition for emerging firms to design a bar/restaurant building for Sydney's Barangaroo South (things look good for the runner-up, too!).

•   Schumacher cheers Fujimoto being chosen for this year's $100,000 Marcus Prize (it's good news for University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee architecture students, too!).

•   CTBUH names the Best Tall Buildings for 2013 by region.

•   One we couldn't resist: An urban explorer travels to Toronto's "least used subway station to find out if it really does exist and why it would be built in the first place" ("It's beautiful!").

•   A few weekend diversions:

•   Sapunar finds MoMA's Corbu show pretty super: "The sheer quantity and variety of materials could have been overwhelming, but it is displayed to its best advantage."

•   Piano's new wing at the Gardner Museum in Boston gets its first landscape exhibition (and who isn't in it?!!?).

•   Heathcote hands out his list of summer reads - including the "nerdily entertaining" (of course, one must scroll almost to the bottom of the page to get ot the Architecture list).

•   10 books about Antoni Gaudí: he "caught the eye of a patron...From that moment on, the limits of architecture would be tested and building design would never be the same again."

•   A new book celebrates the builders of University of Glasgow and "the story of how the gothic fantasy was conceived, funded and realized."


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