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Today’s News - Wednesday, February 13, 2013

•   Hockenberry waxes eloquently (as always) about indigenous architecture and its "important lessons in building with nature rather than against it. Resilience is everywhere. Do we see it?"

•   "For safer, prettier cities pick a woman to build them" ("prettier"?!!? this headline wins our groaner-of-the-year award).

•   Perhaps a social housing project in Perth (sort of) proves the point; designed by the winner of Australia's National Emerging Architect Prize, she focused on "identity, authenticity, and atmosphere."

•   The Detroit Future City plan takes a softer, gentler approach to urban renewal, avoiding any mention of "eminent domain," but some planning experts wonder whether it can succeed "without harder-edged tools."

•   Schwarzer traces the historic roots of container architecture, from Corbu and the Metabolists to Envelope A+D and LOT-EK (fascinating read!).

•   Life in the age of instant architecture: "would you sleep soundly in a cut 'n' shut skyscraper?"

•   Betsky parses the winners of the Cincinnati Live/Make Competition that hearken back to the Arts & Crafts days - "It is a romantic notion."

•   King cheers the news that work has (finally) started on DS+R/EHDD's Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.

•   An architectural historian recalls John Andrews, "a hero of Australian architecture," and makes a plea to save one of his important remaining public buildings, the Sydney Convention Centre (great pix).

•   Meier beats Foster and Zaha for plum job in Hamburg's HafenCity.

•   Balmori talks about how to strike a happier balance between modern cities and nature; she aims to "put the city in nature rather than putting nature in the city."

•   Lamb Hart's A New Humanism: Part 9 is all about creating a sense of place: "Experiencing a sense of community is one of the great pleasures of the places we build."

•   The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Architecture (and they're not all starchitects; some interesting comments).

•   World's Top 10 Happiest Cities (great infographic, too).

•   One we couldn't resist: the Community Cat Café project at Florida Southern College to provide Frank Lloyd Wright-styled dorms for stray cats (purr-purr).

•   Call for entries (deadlines loom!): projects for upcoming "FitNation" exhibition on active design at NYC's Center for Architecture + Detroit Revitalization Fellows Program "is looking for a few more good men and women" to help advance the city's renewal.


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