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Today’s News - Tuesday, February 12, 2013

•   Belogolovsky's new "One-on-One" is an in-depth Q&A with SHoP's Pasquarelli: "We never limit ourselves to simply designing an image. Part of our initial concept is always about knowing how something is going to be built."

•   Davies parses Clinton's comment re: Gehry vs. Parthenon when it comes to foreign relations: "I'd expect Gehry-like complexity, chaos, turmoil is the last thing you'd want...most starchitects are more like a loud shout and a thump on the table."

•   McDonald is not amused by a "planned pastiche of Prussian palace" in Berlin that raises questions about the authenticity" - it's "as 'authentic' as anything in Las Vegas."

•   Muncie, Indiana, has a chance to "right-size" (don't say downsize): "The ultimate goal is to produce a tool kit communities can use to figure out where to direct neighborhood revitalization tactics."

•   Saffron is more than a bit concerned about Philly's ability to regulate signs (especially of the jumbotron digital kind): "the city is easily seduced by the prospect of earning revenue from signs. But are we really ready to deface the public realm for anyone who offers to pay?"

•   Birnbaum bemoans the dearth of attention paid to a "great yet little known Modernist": Dan Kiley was "among the most important, influential and personally idiosyncratic landscape architects of the 20th century" (great pix).

•   Moore muses on life in Antarctica in "a portable pod structure" made of "a line of four-legged mechanical a desert caravan gone astray" - and tip-of-the-hat to Archigram's "Walking City" (great slide show).

•   Russell gives (mostly) thumbs-up to the Perot Museum in Dallas: "Mayne wants to inspire curiosity. And he succeeds"; the architecture "evokes wonder" and "provokes open-ended curiosity" (something the exhibits "sometimes lack").

•   Kent finds much to like about Viñoly's new hospital for the University of Chicago - but only once inside; outside, "it's intimidating" and "looks like a landlocked cruise liner."

•   An eyeful of Snøhetta's Hunt Library on North Carolina State University's Raleigh campus.

•   Cass Gilbert's Minnesota Capitol is crumbling; getting it restored won't be easy - "but not because of the cost."

•   A new tower will redefine Milwaukee's skyline.

•   Hill x 2: he visits OMA NY: "A first impression is that space is quite humble for one of the most well-known and celebrated architecture firms in the world" (with pix to prove it).

•   He rounds up the winner and runners-up in American-Architects Building of the Year 2012.

•   Great slide-show essays of Innovators in Design 2013.

•   Q&A with an Orlando architect who trains his peers to inspect homes, pro bono, after disasters.

•   Hammond of the High Line is stepping down: "My gut has been telling me that it's time to start something new."

•   A good reason to head to Palm Springs this week: it's Modernism Week!

•   Call for entries: Three 2013 ASID Foundation Scholarships and Awards.


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