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Today’s News - Monday, February 11, 2013

•   ArcSpace offers eyefuls of "Le Corbusier Redrawn - The Houses," a house on a cliff in Spain, and Vienna's new Ice Sports Center.

•   It looks like DS+R's winning design for Aberdeen's Union Terrace Gardens is "dead in the water" with chances of it being revived now in the realm of "unicorns and fairies."

•   Davies tackles the sticky wicket of how much the public should have a say in competitions; so does Shane Green - both refer to Melbourne's Flinders St Station, but applies to all - great read (and links).

•   Litt cheers Sasaki taking the lead with "scenario plans" for Northeast Ohio to "help tame sprawl. It's essential not to blow this very rare chance."

•   Hume cheers art flourishing in Toronto's old buildings, but bemoans a "franchise economy and condo culture" of NIMBY fortresses bringing "a sameness on our city streets" with the "deadening effects of globalization and corporate hegemony."

•   Brussat says the Shard "hardly hurts London's skyline. Perhaps the best to be said is that it just replaces one ugly modernist building...with another."

•   Heathcote finds traces of Archigram's "Walking City" in Hugh Broughton's "extraordinary" Halley VI Antarctic research station.

•   Frankfurt's Städel Museum extension is "generating buzz in art and design circles for its groundbreaking approach to the seamless fusion of art, architecture, landscape, and light" (great pix).

•   Groves cheers a philanthropist "paying it forward" by pledging $30 million toward the restoration and redevelopment of L.A.'s 1929 Wilshire Boulevard Temple (very beautiful with pix to prove it).

•   Rocky Mountain Institute tags ZGF to design its new office building that will most likely push the boundaries of net-zero design.

•   Cramer takes on architectural education and the need "to design a better boot camp": "Has the profession finally arrived at a tipping point where reform is possible?"

•   Betsky tries to clear up confusion re: his recent take on architectural education: "Architecture should be a cultural endeavor, not simply a process of building realization."

•   Lambert is most eloquent re: Jane Jacobs and her own adventure with the Seagram Building: "we were both young and unknown women about to make a mark in the history of architecture and urbanism. There should be no question of the role of women in architecture now."

•   A veritable who's-who offer tributes to Lebbeus Woods, "a fearless creator of worlds" (fab images).

•   Szenasy weighs in with what ALH meant to her, saying as a young journalist, "'I want to be Ada Louise Huxtable.' This was wishful thinking on my part."

•   One we couldn't resist: Lind's video "God Created Transit" is "for anyone else who felt that transit and the people who ride it got short shrift from the Super Bowl ads (specifically Dodge Ram's "God Made a Farmer" commercial) - well worth a look-see.

•   Call for entries: Society for College and University Planning 2013 Excellence Awards in Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Architecture.


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