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Today’s News - Thursday, July 12, 2012

•   Iconic projects, moronic rules (and a "protest award"): 2012 Olympics architects are none too pleased they're forbidden to enter projects in awards programs.

•   Plans for a "gaping hole" in downtown Atlanta to become "a signature transportation hub would relegate the sunken tangle of railroads and parking lots now known as the 'Gulch' to a distant memory."

•   A study highlights fears that a number of stadiums planned for Brazil's 2014 World Cup "are out of context, out of scale and at risk of becoming unsustainable 'white elephant' infrastructure pieces."

•   One of China's last walled cities "is having an identity crisis": can it "pursue preservation without Disney-fication?"

•   Hall Kaplan has a personal encounter with the "precarious nature of guerilla planning" (with a side trip through the "costly indulgences" that design competitions have become).

•   Madrid-based architects launch the Urban Solid Waste Project in Cairo with a plastic-bag cloud for the city (not all neighborhoods were convinced).

•   FAT, Wigglesworth, and others weigh in with their solutions to the affordable living dilemma in the U.K.

•   Saffron x 2: cautious but high hopes for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's "ambitious" master plan that "proposes some of the best ideas we've seen in a while for the city's ill-treated waterfronts."

•   She cheers two small regional museums that are models of how design can combine art and commerce with spaces that "accommodate income generators with finesse."

•   Brussat minces no words about what the critics get wrong about Stern's Museum of the American Revolution: it "will be plenty revolutionary."

•   Hopes to save Johansen's Stage Center in Oklahoma City as a children's museum are dashed; needless to say, developers are already chomping at the bit.

•   An impressive shortlist of three to vie for U.S. Department of State's residential annex in Paris.

•   Colgate University taps Adjaye for its new Center for Art and Culture in upstate New York.

•   A stellar line-up of winners in Canada's 2012 National Urban Design Awards (great presentation).

•   Winners of the New York CityVision 2012 Competition offer "a mix of humor, anxiety, and a bit of eccentricity."


New York City - Request for Proposals

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