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Today’s News - Wednesday, July 11, 2012

•   Russell gives a mixed review to London Olympics "conflicted architecture" (ArcelorMittal Orbit - "image of industrial apocalypse"), but it does seem to be "tightly focused on leaving an extraordinary legacy for a part of east London that's seen little investment" (great slide show!).

•   Byrnes ponders whether the very expensive, large, and "fancy" Olympics Media Center was worth it: "Its post-Olympics future has been a cause for concern - with its size and public cost seemingly too high to secure a healthy long term future."

•   Novelist and "psychogeographer" says Olympics architects "should retrain as dentists, where they would find a more suitable outlet for their sculptural skills" (reference to veneers, "lickspittle," and snake oil included).

•   Olcayto bemoans plans that "could ruin UK's finest gridiron townscape will lazy urban design," but at least "residents have thankfully chosen the least bad option."

•   Clark takes a long look at the "evolution of our increasingly privatized cities": are non-profit community development corporations doing a better job running things?

•   Anderson examines the "data revolution" in the built environment that "could transform marketplace dynamics, but what does this data mean and how much is it worth?"

•   From Down Under, Australia's AIA unveils images of its six installations for the Venice Biennale intended to "challenge traditional perceptions of what it is to be an architect."

•   A new online forum "aims to address a wide range of issues that affect women architects" both in Australia and internationally.

•   McAllen, Texas, boasts the largest library in the country - carved out of a cavernous space of a former Wal-Mart store.

•   Chaban on the starchitect-studded shortlist to make over 425 Park Ave. (nary a Gehry - or any American architect - in sight).

•   Bernstein cheers Rogers Marvel hitting its stride (so do we!).

•   King gives kudos to San Francisco's latest and "among the most ambitious" parklets (but swarms of comments are bitterly biting, which surprises us).

•   Berger basks in a "playground renaissance" in Seattle parks, "but are we going too far with privatized zip lines?"

•   Maurice Cox named director of Tulane City Center and new associate dean for community engagement at the university's School of Architecture (lucky Tulane!).

•   We couldn't resist: photographer Rüger rambles through another deserted Soviet base near Berlin (stunning slide show).

•   Call for entries: 2012 Cleveland Design Competition: re-imagine the abandoned lower streetcar level of Cleveland's Detroit-Superior Bridge as a dynamic public space.


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