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Flinders Street Station Design Competition

Today’s News - Monday, July 9, 2012

EDITOR'S NOTE: We're back in our own time zone with lots of catching up to do (and just a bit slow getting our sea - 'er - newsletter legs back), but it's good to be home...

•   ArcSpace brings us luscious eyefuls of a sculpture museum by Ito on a small island in Japan, Holl in Seoul, and the "Show Me Your Model" show at the Danish Architecture Centre.

•   Kimmelman finds "pockets of hope" and "oases of civility and pride" in Bogotá.

•   Piano's Shard (sort of) opened in London last week, and the pundits weigh in:

•   Heathcote queries the architect on the first in a new generation of towers with "glib" nicknames: "The idea was always that the building should not be a symbol of arrogance but a sparkling spire, flirting with the weather," says Piano. "Extraordinarily, he has almost managed it," says EH.

•   Russell gives it a thumbs-up (with caveats): the Shard "needs neighboring towers so that it doesn't look like a shiny weed sprouting from" the bank of the Thames...but its best moments point the way to tall building design that can gracefully coexist with the city's invaluable history."

•   Rose calls the Shard the "the most divisive building in living memory": critics say it is most certainly not for the "common man"; defenders say it is preferable to urban sprawl.

•   Baillieu says it's "morally suspect, compromised, and a bit nutty - and in the wrong place - but it's brave and for that reason we can forgive it a lot."

•   Walljasper cheers Southwest Detroit's "following a different playbook for revitalization": "Jane Jacobs would love it."

•   Dickinson dallies over P+W and Foster buildings going up in New Haven that "epitomize higher education's noble intents," but "offer starkly different visions to their users and neighbors."

•   Farago looks at what's behind the battle over the New York Public Library's plans to "'replace books with people', but do we have to turn our beaux-arts research library into a giant internet cafe?"

•   Hume has high hopes Toronto will take heed of an architect's upcoming report suggesting ways to improve the public realm in a "city of islands made unapproachable by traffic."

•   Davidson is delighted by NYC's Governors Island: it's "a deliciously mellow design" for "the way people actually behave rather than the way architects think they ought to."

•   Minneapolis's Peavey Plaza demolition debate turns into legal battle.

•   From opposite sides of the Big Pond, Brussat cheers the "thoughtful classicism" of London's Bomber Command Memorial, and Mills takes on the Eisenhower Memorial: "what is a fitting tribute to Ike?"

•   Rochon is sweet on the buzz surrounding "an iconic new hexagonal tower for the important work that honey bees do."

•   ASLA announces an impressive lineup of 2012 Honorees.


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