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Today’s News - Wednesday, October 5, 2011

•   World Monuments Fund 2012 Watch List announced: ancient to Modern, and everything in between (great presentations).

•   In Miami Beach, the "starchitects are back in town" with "striking, even mold-breaking new buildings" that include an "escalating designer-garage arms race" (Hadid's resembles "those old figure-eight Hot Wheels tracks" - with a pix to prove it).

•   Wainwright weighs in on OMA's Maggie's Centre Gartnavel in Glasgow that (though not perfect) "willfully subverts expectations" by melting "unassumingly into the background": "It is the disappearing icon!" + OMA/AMO takes center stage at the Barbican Art Gallery.

•   Fortmeyer digs deep into the growing "fetish for fabrication" in "digitally sophisticated" L.A. (particularly what's going on at SCI-Arc).

•   Dvir tries to fathom why Tel Aviv is determined to destroy a 1963 "gem" just "to add a few centimeters to a sidewalk that is already wide."

•   It's a PoMo vs. Modern vs. Classicist kind of day:

•   King postulates that that the discarded fad (a.k.a. postmodern architecture) could be "the Next Big Thing," though he doesn't think "the revival will stick."

•   Brussat almost broils about ICAA's upcoming Reconsidering Postmodernism conference: "Why? I could think of a hundred more useful topics. Why not a conference examining the future of contemporary classicism and strategies for promoting it?" Or why are so many so "hostile to any classical revival?"

•   His spirits should rise over news that the ICAA has just launched the Beaux-Arts Atelier, with "a rogue band of architects in a retrograde venture: teaching a new generation how to draw and paint the elements of classical architecture" (no computers allowed - ever).

•   Olsberg & Hobhouse tackle "architectural anxiety" when it comes to work on paper, "at once a stimulus and a torment" - a drawing "is the construction of arguments, not of buildings."

•   Bernstein looks into the burgeoning trend in architecture centers spreading across the U.S.

•   UC Berkeley students use a blighted Berkeley lot to "question how architecture can affect change in public spaces and create a link between research and community.

•   Marsh gets Balmond to explain the ideas behind the "tangled and lofty mass of pipes" that is the ArcelorMittal Orbit tower: "a metaphor for the way people build up opinions and judgments...coupled with episodic observations" (that explains a lot - or not).

•   Call for entries: Architecture at Zero international open ideas competition for urban zero net energy (ZNE) buildings + Coworking Building/CoB Madrid 2011 international student competition: Designing 21st-century workspaces.

•   We couldn't resist: the mayor who used a tank to run over illegally parked luxury cars in Vilnius, Lithuania, receives the Ig Nobel Peace Prize (which honors achievements that "first make people laugh, and then make them think").


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