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Today’s News - Tuesday, October 4, 2011

•   Part 2 of ANN's exclusive "You Survived" series looks at how to establish a specific, easy, and brief Go/No Go decision process to quickly determine where to invest limited marketing resources.

•   Glancey and Heathcote offer eloquent tributes to Makovecz, the Hungarian architect "whose fairytale designs defied soulless Stalinism"; he was "poetic, charismatic, endlessly generous and indomitable...and a truly great man."

•   Will Coop Himmelb(l)au's Busan Cinema Center create the Bilbao effect hoped for? "There are potential pitfalls to banking too much on 'if we build it, they will come' starchitecture, as cultural organizations around the world have learned."

•   Foster + Partners has revised the West Kowloon Cultural District master plan to "include ideas from vanquished rivals"; we're keeping an eye out for announcement of design competition for signature buildings.

•   Politics and budgets close Spain's Niemeyer Center (hopefully only temporarily): politicians promise it "will not become an empty white elephant" to be added to "a growing list of ambitious publicly-funded projects in Spain which have run into trouble."

•   Dvir reports that Chyutin Architects is threatening to quit Jerusalem's Museum of Tolerance project because the Wiesenthal Center is driving "the architects crazy" by nagging them to death.

•   In the wake of Tropical Storm (nee Hurricane) Irene, some developers of major waterfront projects under way in NYC are taking the "approach that building bulkheads or armoring the waterfront is not sufficient."

•   Berger minces no words about what's holding up regional transportation planning along Puget Sound: Seattle "isn't the paragon of urban design it pretends to be," and other municipalities are weary of what seems like bully tactics.

•   Saffron settles into Boston for a spell, and finds "Philadelphia could certainly learn a trick or two" from a city once "considered an urban basket case" and "routinely described as a 'hopeless backwater.'"

•   King cheers three San Francisco architects designing "some of the nation's best affordable housing" because "they understand the need to rebuild neighborhood landscapes as well as individual lives."

•   Estonia discusses how to "turn the old Soviet-era apartment blocks" (a.k.a. "Khrushchovka") into "eye-catching constructions."

•   But one architect says they are in "such poor condition that even thorough renovation wouldn't bring them up to decent standards" (and hopefully won't collapse any time soon).

•   In Melbourne, a minuscule budget doesn't dampen an architect's creativity in carving affordable spaces for artists out of a massive old textile mill.

•   NYC gets a new park via "an offbeat act of corporate philanthropy" (peanuts and Ken Smith included).

•   2011 Curry Stone Design Prize winners announced - and hopefully will inspire (links to great presentations).


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