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Today’s News - Thursday, June 9, 2011

•   The iShip has landed!: Jobs unveils new Apple HQ in Cupertino: a 3 million+ square-foot home for 12,000 employees "designed for maximum awe" by Foster that has "city officials giddy" + "The word spectacular would be an understatement" (says one of those giddy folks).

•   In Georgia, the Serenbe Community offers an alternative to suburban sprawl with "an unprecedented land use plan" (urban/suburban utopians and new urbanists rejoice; others, no so much).

•   Hume ruminates on why not all cities necessarily need revitalized downtowns (especially those where there never was a there there).

•   The Center for an Urban Future issues a "report on the economic impact and potential of the architecture and design sectors in NYC" (good news for other urban centers as well, we hope!).

•   Holon, Israel has a plan to "protect the city's past from dueling dangers of development and neglect": "...this doesn't mean that because of preservation we stop renewing."

•   Brussat cheers the rebirth of Providence, RI's Mercantile Block that "reprises its original role as an urban Ajax" and "would easily put most modern commercial buildings to shame, if they were capable of any such feeling."

•   Designs for new and renovated churches is "trending to traditional" with clients seeking "beauty, verticality, and traditional iconography" instead of "consistently dull" modern designs "spawned" by the "misinterpretation of Vatican II."

•   Sokol reports on efforts to preserve Haiti's gingerbread houses and a new report that looks at why they "withstood seismic loads far better than more recent structures" in the January 2010 earthquake (great slide show).

•   In Palm Springs, it looks like preservationists are heading towards a showdown in the desert over plans to demolish the mid-century modern Desert Fashion Plaza (even though everyone agrees it was/is "a flop").

•   Dvir gets an extensive tour of Chareau's La Maison de Verre: "it does not abide by any of the accepted standards of architecture, engineering, interior decoration or product design."

•   U.K. architects "hit out at Tory 'smear tactics'" and expose "massively exaggerated figures" that could be an effort "to justify the claim that the Conservative Party doesn't need architects to design schools."

•   Does the outcry over trophy homes of "gargantuan scale" in Perth "reek of hypocrisy, or worse - racism"?

•   Kuma reflects on his expansion plan for the Portland Japanese Garden: "This is a small project for me, but it is an important cultural exchange."

•   Three teams shortlisted in the Brisbane CityCat ferry terminal competition.


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