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Today’s News - Wednesday, June 8, 2011

•   Farrelly takes on Barangaroo, the latest in a string of international competitions that "were adroitly shepherded from soaring promise to bungled mess," adding to the "list of Australia's surprisingly feeble attempts to make the architectural map" ("a big jury of small people" didn't help).

•   Australia's Venice Architecture Biennale show "Now + When" was a big hit, and efforts are underway to design a new pavilion - but "if architecture provides such cultural interest in Australia's creative talent, why is it subordinate to art at Venice?"

•   High hopes for Hong Kong's West Kowloon Cultural District, but "some worry whether the city has the artistic bent to fill all the new buildings with meaningful content" (it's also "hard to imagine a Guggenheim or Tate being officially linked to a mall").

•   Regeneration of Johannesburg's inner city, "coupled with some breathtaking buildings have caught the eye of international design mavens."

•   Russell strolls the High Line part deux with Corner and Scofidio: it "has improbably become a global phenomenon" + The Dirt brings us lots of great pix.

•   Hume hails plans for Underpass Park that will transform space beneath Toronto's infamous raised highways "into something open, accessible, usable, and even enjoyable."

•   You might consider Alsop's design of a new Toronto transit station "as post-apocalyptic or merely avant garde" - either way, "it certainly makes its mark."

•   Stephens on Eisenman's controversial City of Culture of Galicia: "Its brazen monumentality and unsettling scale ravenously explore the difference between artifice and nature. Time will reveal its significance."

•   Belogolovsky has a candid Q&A with Eisenman re: the project, green architecture, and a lot more.

•   LaBarre offers an eyeful of AOL's new HQ in Palo Alto: the design takes pains to make it "cheerful and humane. We like the design" (with a couple of ouches).

•   English Heritage puts a damper on UBS office plans in London.

•   Safdie's 44-year career has shaped "our habitats in exploding metropolises" with designs that "reflect both ethical and aesthetic agendas."

•   Arts and research facilities share the spotlight for 2011 AIBC Architectural Awards.

•   Call for entries: RFQ for The Menokin Glass Concept in Warsaw, Virginia + Canada's 2011 Design Exchange Awards.


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