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Today’s News - Monday, June 6, 2011

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of Holl's museum in Nanjing, China, and Eliasson's pedestrian "rainbow panorama" atop a museum in Aarhus, Denmark.

•   Raising questions about USGBC and LEED re: "whether it is appropriate for a private fee-generating nongovernmental organization to assume what amounts to a regulatory role in the building industry."

•   Bischoff minces no words about why "we don't build the way we used to": we sink state dimes into "private money pits" instead of infrastructure; another basic reason: "we no longer know how."

•   Walters on a few interesting attempts to get design into business education and why many have failed: "at a very basic level, business school isn't designed for design" (and designers better get better at articulating their value to the business world).

•   King x 2: he uses Mayne's San Francisco Federal Building as a call for critics - including himself - to revisit even the most heralded of projects after they've been up and running (glitches will be found).

•   He has high hopes for Legorreta and Legorreta's colorful scheme for an HQ "in a redevelopment district where too much of what's been built so far is bottom-line bland."

•   Kamin bemoans a 1-year-old, award-winning public space getting a makeover "not necessarily for the better": the "revamp reveals just how vulnerable landscape architecture can be" (even the original landscape architect "is pretty bummed").

•   While some residents aren't crazy about Gang's design for Kalamazoo College's new justice center because it doesn't blend in, others disagree: "you don't bring in a world-class architect to build a building that looks like everything else."

•   Young design firms are taking root in Mumbai combining modern design concepts with parts of the city's heritage.

•   An in-depth look at the "concerted effort among space architects to be taken seriously": "Humankind, will go nowhere without at least some style" (who knew "space urbanism" was becoming "an increasingly 'fashionable' discipline"?).

•   Young was "feeling pretty fed up with the process" of getting to finally sit down with Hadid and Schumacher, but leaves "hoping some London developers will give the practice a chance to build high in London and the UK."

•   Merrick is practically mesmerized by Zumthor, "an architect who is more interested in artists and memories than in architects and manifestos."

•   Q&A with Eliasson re: his NYC Waterfalls, the "indifferent press," and the art of never compromising: "When I change my clothes, I call an architect."

•   R.I.P. FOA; hello FMA and AZPA.

•   A good reason to be in Atlanta this week: Modern Atlanta's "Design Is Human" Week which, this year, focuses on design excellence from Korea in a dedicated pavilion.

•   Call for entries: Institute for Urban Design's By the City/For the City; Lange says go for it!

•   We couldn't resist: only a Dutchman could buy a "nuclear white elephant" and transform it into an amusement park in "an unprecedented industrial metamorphosis" (with pix to prove it!).


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