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Today’s News - Monday, October 25, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of BIG's 8 House in Copenhagen: it's "a three-dimensional neighborhood rather than an architectural object."

•   Move over Burj Khalifa: CTBUH names a brand new, 23-story "rusting" tower in Leeds as best tall building in the world.

•   Hawthorne on the growing disconnect between cheerleaders for and opponents to L.A.'s attempt to be a better connected city.

•   Belfast taps Grimshaw to come up with a big plan to connect its harbor to the city center.

•   Kennicott x 2: D.C. should follow Arena Stage's lead in redeveloping the area: despite "good urban design principles in much of this new development, the architectural quality of almost all these new buildings is desultory - Bing Thom's new building demands better neighbors" + "There is now a new context for everything that happens near the "brilliant" Arena: the "standard Washington mixed-use, glass-and-faux-stone box" will just not do anymore.

•   Moore bemoans the slow disappearance of Samara on the Volga: it could still be "a Russian San Francisco. But it is heading rapidly towards being an assembly of developers' junk"- if "brutal developers and corrupt local officials" have their way (a sad slide show).

•   One of a handful of Israeli architects specializing in green building takes her message to the Negev Bedouins: "She's opening our eyes."

•   Klein takes a hard-hat tour of the new Barnes with Williams and Tsien: with a program shaped by a court decision, the architects "actually had to read the judge's decree" and agree to the project constraints (though perhaps they're not?).

•   Knight takes serious umbrage with the duo's design: while "an early aim to evoke the architectural equivalent of a "Philly cheesesteak" will likely tick off many...The architects don't seem to understand the historic significance" of the Barnes (he's seriously ticked).

•   Hadid mingles with teens at her new Evelyn Grace Academy; grumbles that the interior concrete gets blazers dusty: "It will wash off" - and why she still feels like an outsider, "but that could be a good place to be."

•   Campbell gives (mostly) high grades to "one of the most impressive schools I've ever visited"; never mind the exterior - the architects have "solved so many other problems with so much vigor and intelligence that you soon forget the bland outdoor aesthetics."

•   Corbu + Chandigarh x 2: storm clouds continue to swirl over the loss of his and Jeanneret's furnishings and fixtures to foreign auctions and unreturned drawings and blueprints.

•   Kennicott cheers AIA|DC's plans for a new public outreach space, but is the winning design "really the best idea that came out of the competition?"

•   WOHA Architects win Singapore prize for Emergent Architecture in Asia.

•   Shibley takes the reins as dean of the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning.


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