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Today’s News - Friday, October 22, 2010

•   In "The Architecture of Patterns" Lui finds "the Modernist adage 'form follows function' has stuck around in a whole new guise."

•   Why Brisbane's "startling cultural renaissance has Melbourne's arts mandarins worried": could it become Australia's new cultural capital?

•   Melbourne can cheer itself up with it National Architecture Week: "Your City, Your Home, Your Architecture" starting this Sunday.

•   Move over Burj Khalifa: it looks like Jeddah's $26.6 billion "mile-high" Kingdom Tower is moving forward (designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill - who else?).

•   Bunshaft's landmarked Manufacturer's Hanover Trust Bank building being transformed into a "landmark only your high school daughter could love: a Forever 21. But wait, it gets worse" (just where did the Bertoia go?).

•   Vancouver's 1983 Terry Fox monument to be replaced - and its architect is none too happy.

•   Good architecture is not hard to find in Singapore, "but along with the stunners are a handful of...certified duds" (lots of pix, but only architects of the "stunners" are named).

•   Sydney architects name their favorite buildings.

•   BIG wins big with the 2010 European Prize for Architecture by breaking "Denmark's good-old boy network challenging a constipated establishment to think outside a boring box" (that line should win a prize!).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Russell cheers MoMA's "Small Scale, Big Change" and its several projects "of surpassing beauty" and others showing "marvelous inventiveness," but while they "are tiny forays into massive problems, they raise sticky questions."

•   Davidson finds the show "especially trenchant in an environment as ornery and pragmatic as New York's" because "it shies away from grandiose arguments or rhetorical generalizations."

•   Vernon Mays looks at the legacy of Paul Revere Williams who became "became the go-to designer of Hollywood's Golden Age" at a time when many said: "Whoever heard of a Negro being an architect?" as the architect takes center stage in Memphis (terrific slide show).

•   Kennicott cheers Palladio show now at the National Building Museum: "If nothing else, he gave America a neatly simple-minded vocabulary for making buildings, a tool kit of mostly interchangeable parts that limited the chances for monstrous abortions of taste."

•   Two Q&A's with Kamin re: what it means to be a critic today are most timely considering his newly released "Terror and Wonder: Architecture in a Tumultuous Age."

•   "Light Color Sound: Sensory Effects in Contemporary Architecture" highlights 30 projects in all shapes and sizes with one thing in common: "they interact with passers-by in a new and exciting way."

•   "Hart Wood: Architectural Regionalism in Hawaii" is "a valuable addition to the rather thin selection of volumes about Hawaii architecture."

•   Walker cheers "Handcrafted Modern: At Home With Mid-Century Designers": it shows how some of the greats "were content to live comfortably and sensibly in their own private lives."


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