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Today’s News - Thursday, October 21, 2010

•   A call for an end to "happy clappy architecture": since "architects now justify design almost entirely in terms of delivering social policy, it was probably only a matter of time before attentions turned to shaping our feelings" (it's time to get over it, it seems).

•   Horton on Park51 Islamic cultural center: "to call it Superman's Fortress of both misleading and condescending" and "unfairly dismisses its significance as a potentially progressive and sustainable urban development" that would make it "right at home in Manhattan" (does that make it happy-clappy, too?).

•   Jacobs had high hopes for a proposed Senate bill with "some of the most progressive ideas in urban planning today" - but there's a catch: it "contains remarkably enlightened rhetoric, but it doesn't quite walk the walk."

•   11 Chicago architects reflect on Mayor Daley's legacy and the challenges that lie ahead ("Are you listening, Rahm?").

•   Glancey on London's One New Change: it's "a very different beast" from some of Nouvel's other "truly captivating structures" - here, he "winks at Wren cheekily as if saying: 'Come on, grandpa; get down with the bling, and get shopping.'" (well, at least it's not "Kentucky Fried Georgian"!).

•   van Ryzin is smitten with LTL's Arthouse: it's "the antithesis of icon that prizes subtlety and intelligence over spectacle," giving Austin "a sophisticated new kind of cultural architecture."

•   An eyeful of the finalists picked for harbor complex in Whitehaven, U.K., that will connect the city back to its waterfront.

•   Hay on New Canaan, CT's trove of Modernist treasures - "but their striking form might just spell their doom" (that, and their acres of sub-dividable land).

•   Lange spends a night in Johnson's Glass House and another in an 18th-century manse - and is surprised by which one she prefers.

•   A spotlight on 7 African-American architects who've built successful careers in a challenging industry.

•   The Dirt digs deep into two very different examples in Germany and the U.S. that "are creating and implementing positive visions for ecosystem development or restoration" (abandoned coal mines and mountain tops included).

•   Bridges, bridges everywhere: Calatrava's Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge rises in Dallas + Rosales goes 3 for 3 in winning competitions for pedestrian bridges in the Cleveland area.

•   Two we couldn't resist: Super-yachts designed by superstars get the Vanity Fair treatment (including a Todd Eberle slide show) + An eyeful of the Domespace rotating home (we want one!).


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