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Today’s News - Thursday, September 2, 2010

•   Bose (our Biennale buddy) takes us on a quick walk-through: on the whole, it seems "more ethereal and artsy."

•   Memorial mania in America: "We've stopped putting great men on pedestals and started commemorating their victims."

•   Rochon cheers Toronto's new Sugar Beach; it's too bad that "beautiful moments in its new public space" is "marred by the construction of ordinary architecture."

•   A Detroit district defies the odds and thrives by building on its past.

•   Pogrebin on DS+R's final touches for Lincoln Center: an "electronic infoscape" that makes the complex "more porous, inviting and immediate."

•   Walker walks us through the five proposals for the St. Louis Gateway Arch: which might best transform it into "a true connector for the city."

•   Kamin cheers a new park that "that makes a hard-edged area of Chicago much more livable" + it's "an exciting design that private citizens want to take care of" - a big bonus: pollution-eating pavers are self-cleaning and hog smog, too (though we're a bit confused about the park's name).

•   King on a 1959 San Francisco library that is "a case study in where the preservation movement danger of going too far...Sometimes we need to move on."

•   Kahn's Trenton Bath House revived: it "exudes everything that worked in 20th-century architecture" and is "a monument to the search for a humanist architecture."

•   Early 20th century architects of new Madras "had to fight their way to carve a niche for themselves" - and are still thriving today.

•   Much to the dismay of some, Heatherwick's Seed Cathedral is not for sale - but the acrylic spikes will be distributed to schools across China.

•   Liverpool gets thumbs-up for its first theater in many, many years.

•   Impressive shortlists for five RIBA Special Awards 2010.


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