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Today’s News - Wednesday, September 1, 2010

•   More musings on the Venice Biennale: Heathcote finds it "good to look at but also unsettlingly light on ideas"...People may meet in architecture but what happens once they've met?"

•   McGuirk, on the other hand, says it "puts the human experience back at the heart of architecture."

•   Long sees Britain's Villa Frankenstein "a triumph" that "represents London at its critical and reflective best." (we liked it, too!)

•   Four "powerhouse teams" in the running to re-shape Seattle's central waterfront, each headed by an international star; "How could we possibly miss? In theory we shouldn't," says Hinshaw.

•   Libeskind tapped to design Halifax memorial to mark Canada's refusal of Jews in 1939.

•   Hatherley takes on density and urban squalor: the solution is not "draconian immigration caps, but rather something terribly unfashionable - town planning."

•   Cairo sees two mega-cities as a haven for the city's overcrowded working class, but there's a catch: "the overwhelming majority of new residents come from Egypt's uppermost economic strata."

•   Russell x 2: Brad Pitt's Make It Right project in New Orleans mixes "insightful designs by local architects with adventurous work by rising stars and big names from around the fit the city's post-Katrina reality."

•   Perhaps if "a few cowardly members of Congress" visited the Empire State Building's uber-green makeover, they would see "proof that reducing energy and carbon emissions is good for the bottom line."

•   Hawthorne hails a bold new landmark along L.A.'s Expo Line by Eric Own Moss that seems to have "captivated the architect just enough to keep him, at least in this one compelling project, from chasing his own tail."

•   Rinaldi revels in two very different Denver projects (a museum and an FBI building - of all things) that "brilliantly break infill rules."

•   Q&A with DS+R's Renfro re: how and why the firm has never had it better; but advice to a student thinking of becoming an architect? "Go into law."

•   BIG's "baby-faced starchitect" Ingels on how designing for a dictator can actually be virtuous and saving Brazil from the Olympics curse.

•   Glancey cheers an initiative that aims to stir a revolution in university design now that "now that politicians and educators have finally realized that the brutal, roller-coaster ways of global capitalism are no friends to learning."

•   Eyefuls of I.D. Annual Design Review winners - "from the iconic to the obscure" (terrific presentation).


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