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Today’s News - Wednesday, October 14, 2009

•   Rybczynski weighs in on design for new Barnes Collection home: he finds some troubling aspects.

•   Patience pays: three years - and many revisions - later, Foster's Parke-Bernet addition wins approval.

•   Kamin cheers "at least a temporary victory" for preservationists re: a Chicago Art Deco treasure.

•   Populous picks a 30-member team to help design Birmingham, Alabama's new domed stadium.

•   University of South Australia researchers to take on Reynolds' "earthships."

•   Calatrava gives court-awarded €30,000 in damages for Isozaki's "add-on" to his Bilbao bridge to a local charity.

•   Maya Lin's sculpture for Aria at Las Vegas CityCenter is "elegant, graceful" and "a tricky piece."

•   Kudos to NZIA Auckland Architecture Awards winners; and an eyeful of one of the winners.

•   A new ploy to encourage exercise: a subway station in Stockholm has commuters preferring to "play" the stairs instead of riding the escalators (courtesy of VW, no less).

•   St. Louis 30-day test run of a new streetscape design is so successful that the city may leave it in place.

•   Some major corporate folks get behind proposal to add light rail and eliminate cars for NYC's 42nd St. (cut the city remains mum).

•   Kansas City's public library parking garage is a real page-turner.

•   In Siberia, some parking lots have a second purpose: storage for radioactive waste (yikes!).

•   One we couldn't resist: architects (or their relatives) take on shoe design (with pix to prove it).


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