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Today’s News - Tuesday, October 13, 2009

•   Facebook's new, green HQ (in a recycled 1960s building): employees were hands-on in design process - and not everything is "Facebook blue."

•   Q&A with White House Office of Urban Affairs Director Adolfo Carrion, Jr. re: his vision for the office's role in guiding urban policy from the federal level.

•   London mayor launches his London Plan to make it the "best big city on earth."

•   Majora Carter calls for environmental justice for inner-city communities, and discusses the role designers can play in their revitalization.

•   An in-depth (and excellent) examination of the "unexpected boom in architectural experimentation" going on in New Orleans that is "something of a Petri dish for ideas about housing and urban once exhilarating and frightening to behold."

•   At the other end of the spectrum, three new houses "treat their respective contexts with respect but preserve a questing spirit."

•   Moneo's tower takes shape at Columbia University: "few sites have proved as challenging."

•   Hume cheers Office dA's plans to wrap the University of Toronto school of architecture's 19th-century building in green and prove "environmental responsibility and engaging architecture are not incompatible."

•   Hawthorne on the paradoxes that arise in preserving 1960s architecture: "Oddly, the green movement could come to the rescue."

•   Who stole North Carolina's "design mojo"?

•   A recent "open house" was another step in efforts to re-use rather than demolish Saarinen's Bell Labs.

•   If FLW designs are constructed after his death, should they be considered authentic?

•   Rochon bemoans Toronto's new street furniture, especially the "ugly" garbage cans, a.k.a. "dweebs...nerdish, squat, and, sadly, clad in plastic."

•   King doesn't think bright billboards on a few bleak blocks of San Francisco's Market Street would be such a bad thing.

•   First look at the newest incarnation for Stonehenge Visitor Centre (should we hold our breath?).

•   We couldn't resist: 8 blindingly-colorful new buildings at time when "even the greatest contemporary architecture can seem like a long drive through a gray, wintry rain."


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