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Today’s News - Friday, June 26, 2009

•   Of mega-regions and growing infrastructure problems: they already rely on each other, so it's time to start acting - and investing - like it or we're in for mega-problems.

•   Speaking of infrastructure, in the U.K., new Crossrail chief's questioning the importance of design makes a number of architects very cross.

•   No matter the design, a new bridge costs Germany's Elbe Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

•   Hawthorne departs Dubai to explore Abu Dhabi, and finds it "a proving ground for an experiment in forging a new, hybrid civic culture."

•   Parks x 3: Saffron cheers "four visions for creating a green gem" on a small stretch of Philadelphia's riverfront (small, perhaps, but at least a step in the right direction).

•   Work (finally) to begin on Louis Kahn's 1974 design for Roosevelt memorial park in NYC (not all are pleased - but a great slide show).

•   Russell on Bette Midler celebrating her New York Restoration Project's 33rd oasis (only about 20 more to go.

•   Off again/on again: work resumes on Zaha's Seville library (at least until the next court ruling).

•   Stewart looks at Libeskind's prefab and what you get for your mucho millions.

•   FLW wanted the Guggenheim to be red - or pink - or peach - or maybe blue (fab slide show).

•   Weekend diversions: Q&A with Eliasson in Chicago re: the resonant work of Buckminster Fuller (and his own).

•   Heathcote: "the show just doesn't hang together"; and Bayley: "mostly puerile tosh" (we thinks neither is impressed with "Radical Nature" at the Barbican).

•   Page turners: Brussat finds Insall's "Living Buildings" "tremendously artful" and "a special feast for those enthralled by the beauty bestowed on architecture by age."

•   A reissue of Banham's 1971 "Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies" just as timely today: it "changed the way people thought they could write about design."

•   Sulzer's Prouvé tome is "an essential reference work."

•   "Alvaro Siza, The Function of Beauty" keeps its focus on the present day (great slide show).

•   Mehrotra celebrates "Bombay Deco."


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