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Today’s News - Tuesday, December 16, 2008

•   A look at the first Make It Right homes completed in New Orleans.

•   King's observations on his road trip between Biloxi and New Orleans: "This isn't the languid South of shotgun shacks and small talk. Except that it is."

•   Moore on OMA's plans for the Commonwealth Institute: a "series of wonky decisions could lead to the creation of an intriguing corner of Kensington."

•   Kamin on Chicago Olympic venue "switcheroo": some are pleased, some not.

•   A West Bank development is "hailed as the first Palestinian planned community" (integrates sustainability and "appropriate" architectural expressions, too).

•   A Frankfurt symposium offers lessons in "the impact of architecture and design on the future of library service" - and an in-depth round-up of '08's 213 U.S. projects (architects included - what a concept!).

•   Meanwhile, efforts in Philadelphia to keep four Carnegie libraries from shutting their doors - if they do, what's to become of the buildings?

•   Santa Fe Indian School razes 18 buildings (some historic), raising the "occasionally uncomfortable discussion about sovereignty, history, and preservation on Native American lands."

•   Williams queries Eisenman in depth re: what makes great architecture?

•   LeBlanc is intrigued by an architect's own house: Corbu "could live here...But so, too, could an earthy, 21st-century hippie."

•   A round-up of the best - and overrated careers for 2009: good news for landscape architects and urban regional planner; alas, architecture has "a mystique that outstrips the reality."

•   Call for entries: CNU 2009 Charter Awards.

•   More end-of-year reviews: Bayley hails a "new modesty."

•   Davidson x 2: his pick of 10 best NYC designs; and the #3 reason to love New York: "Because Robert Moses Would Have a Coronary If He Were to See Our Streets Now" (other reasons are a fun read, too).


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