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Today’s News - Monday, December 15, 2008

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of MVRDV's oh-so green "power center" in Korea, and Baan's architectural photographs.

•   Campbell's oh-so eloquent call for the "audacity of hope" for the Obama government "to create a great heritage of civic architecture."

•   Hume says practically the same, calling for new infrastructure that maximizes "not just utility but also usability."

•   There might be hope: Obama taps two savvy New Yorkers to head HUD and his new Office of Urban Policy.

•   Even in lean times, grassroots efforts are leading the way in finding new uses for vacant lots.

•   Hadid's Hoxton Square sparks an amusing take by Hatherley re: why we're "caught between the Scylla of the architecturally overbearing and the Charybdis of a blank, bland attempt to "blend in."

•   Historic copycatting is slowly being replaced by an emerging field called "situated regionalism."

•   Weighing the "thorny development options" for L.A. County's Marina Del Rey.

•   As Connecticut turns its building code green, some push for a "rewording of the law, which they see as well intended but overzealous" (and mighty confusing).

•   For the birds: some green architecture "flies in the face of conscientious green design."

•   An in-depth profile of environmental crusader Majora Carter and her move to the national stage.

•   Finding the fine balance between form and function in museum design (some hits, some misses).

•   Ouroussoff waxes poetic about Pei: "I can't seem to get the Museum of Islamic Art out of my mind" (great pix, too).

•   Hawthorne hails Maltzan's Inner-City Arts complex as "a small-scale essay on the power of architecture to create community."

•   Moneo at Columbia University: he "has stolen quietly into New York with little of the fanfare that usually greets a 'starchitect.'"

•   Rochon on why this year's student projects "wowed the Canadian Architect magazine awards jury" more than the professional entries.

•   Near Glasgow, new hope for St. Peter's Seminary that was being "left to rot away."


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