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Today's News - Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cities of the future part 2: of mega-pyramids and "imploding inward to utopia." -- '08 construction forecast not too bad for healthcare and education projects. -- Holl is hot Princeton. -- Gehry gets the Serpentine. -- Betsky bags the biennale. -- T.A.G. takes Prix de Rome. -- Is Farrell's future fading in Edinburgh? -- Europan 9 judges award two out of three schemes (third goes back to the drawing board). -- Farrelly on the the downside of regulation and its "devolution into a joyless thou-shalt-notism." -- Anderton on the message behind the architecture of America's new embassies. -- Litt lights up over a new Case Western building. -- The next big step for Harlem's Apollo Theater renovation. -- Calcutta cuts the ribbon on its largest mall. -- What lies in store for NYT former HQ. -- Ivy ruminates on fame and one his favorite starchitects. -- Q&A with Sejima and Nishizawa is informative (and often amusing). -- The man behind the Driehaus Prize minces no words re: what he thinks about modern architecture. -- Glancey's take on Apple classics and their '60s ancestors. -- Call for entries: European Prize for Urban Public Space and White House Redux (we can't wait to see those results!).

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