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Today's News - September 11, 2006

ArcSpace brings us Ando in Germany. -- This day takes us 5 years back and brings us (some) hope for the future: Kamin offers a masterful series that looks at architecture and urban planning in an anxious age. -- Ouroussoff on Towers 2, 3, and 4: "each of these architects is capable of far more...But at least we are beginning to see a real architectural composition emerge, one that for all its flaws, represents a serious effort to raise the level of conversation at ground zero." -- For Davidson, new towers are "Libeskind Lite": better than predicted, but "not as good as the masterworks we once demanded." -- Slatin says, "Vision not accomplished" but doesn't blame the architects: "what they have given us is intensely reflective of who is asking for it." -- Are attack-proof towers the future of urban design? -- An insightful look at how big money and artistic egos have made Ground Zero a "mosh pit of stakeholders." -- 9/11 has sparked only minor changes in building codes - wider stairwells threaten loss of rentable space (groan). -- Lest we forget the memorials: Hawthorne on how easily memorials can be pushed off track. -- A look at some 9/11 memorials that have taken shape - and shine. -- The mauling of the National Mall. ----- The newsletter will return to normal tomorrow.

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