Today’s News - Tuesday, June 11, 2019

●  Betsky x 2: "With Pei's death, the last of the modern monument makers has passed. We can only hope that a new generation of architects will find a way to learn from such as Pei to make modern buildings that, even if they do not look or operate like monuments, are worthy of that name."

●  He explains "why we should think twice about doing away with Post-modern landmarks" by the likes of Jerde, Weese, Jahn, et al: "Do we sometimes need buildings that are either awe-inspiring or fun and joyful, or both? Was that not what Postmodernism, for all its flaws, tried to do? There should always be room for fun, whimsy, and nostalgia in our built environment."

●  Schank delves into how a small team "of not-your-usual government employees including a landscape architect, a dreadlocked anthropologist, and an industrial designer" in Mobile, Alabama, has "figured out how to change the narrative" when it comes to urban blight.

●  Meanwhile, Santa Clara, California, has high hopes for its own version of NYC's Hudson Yards, but there are issues: Foster + Partners & Gensler's $8 billion, 9.2 million-square-foot "urban village" City Place "could bring up to 25,000 new jobs - but only 1,700 new homes - yet another development with far more jobs than homes to accommodate the expanded workforce" (neighboring San Jose is none too pleased).

●  On a brighter note, a look at how more than 80 artists, architects, researchers, and academics from 20 countries will collaborate with Chicago communities and students at the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

●  Vartanian has a great conversation with MoMA's Paola Antonelli re: "the world of tech, design, and the work of a beloved arts organization that is celebrating 20 years, Eyebeam."

●  Considering that the work by Swiss architect Valerio Olgiati "is often shrouded in mystery until it's complete," it's a surprise to find 3 renderings of his plans for the Harvard GSD expansion.

●  To be or not to be: Eyefuls of Viñoly's design for a rather stunning (despite the comments) super-tall for Facebook in Midtown Manhattan (originally a Pelli Clarke Pelli project to replace Hotel Pennsylvania), but "this ideation may already be moribund" because FB "has already publicly committed to One Madison Avenue."

●  ICYMI: ANN feature: Bouras talks to Betsky re: experiment and experience at Taliesin - and beyond: Architecture, according to Betsky, is everything that is about building or buildings: how we design, represent, and discuss them, what they mean, and how they act in our society.

Cheers for the new Statue of Liberty Museum by FXCollaborative and ESI Design:

●  Grabar finds the "elegant little" museum to be "a thoughtful, self-aware place, but one that, opening in the third year of the Trump presidency, feels awkwardly buoyant," citing a "shameful statistic that made me think twice about the visit and its appeal to America's better self.

●  Sitz says the museum "enriches the island's visitor's experience, which has been a frustrating one for many. Subtle material choices allow the building's context and content to shine," and "offers visitors the opportunity to consider on a new level the meaning behind this iconic symbol."

●  Okamoto: "Despite its symbolic subject, there is nothing monumental about the new museum. The most interesting quality is that it asks first to be perched on, not entered - a shining example of resilient design," which adds "an ecological layer to the idea of liberty."

●  Heiderstadt: "The island's landscape is lifted and merged with the architecture to create memorable public space" with green roofs "designed to act as a habitat for native species and migrating birds."

●  Olson reminds us that the Statue of Liberty Museum was one of Arch Digest's "most anticipated buildings of 2019. Design aside, the team hopes this space pays respect to a site that's meaningful to many."


●  Call for entries: Expressions of Interest/EOI: EU TUMO Convergence Center for Engineering and Applied Science in Yerevan, Armenia - a 2-stage international design competition (no fee; cash prizes!).

●  Call for entries: IFI Global Awards Program recognizes the exemplary contribution of individuals in strengthening and progressing Interior Architecture/Design (international - no fee for 3 of 4 awards).

●  Call for entries (deadline extended!): Interior Scholarship 2019/2020 - The AIT Scholarship by Sto Foundation (students must be enrolled at a European university).

●  Call for entries: 5th annual AIA Film Challenge.

●  Call for entries (one of our faves!): Arch Record's 2019 Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest: open to licensed architects or related professionals who practice in the U.S.


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