Today’s News - Thursday, June 6, 2019

EDITOR'S NOTE: Apologies - as we feared, while in road-warrior mode those pesky tech gods kept us from posting yesterday. In the meantime, tomorrow and Monday will be no-newsletter days. We'll be back Tuesday, June 11.

●  ANN feature: Bouras talks to Betsky re: experiment and experience at Taliesin - and beyond: Architecture, according to Betsky, is everything that is about building or buildings: how we design, represent, and discuss them, what they mean, and how they act in our society.

●  Betsky, meanwhile, pays eloquent tribute to Stanley Tigerman, "an underappreciated modern master. It could be tempting not to take him seriously. He was a showman, an impish questioner of all received truths and pompous personalities. I soon learned not to be deceived."

●  McGuigan & Stephens say farewell to Tigerman, "the revered and irreverent unofficial chief of Chicago architects" with tributes by Stern & Eisenman.

●  Morey, executive director & chief curator at L.A.'s a+d museum, brings us a selection of videos of Tigerman lectures going back to 1977 that "look back at the words, images and, thoughts that provided him with the inspiration and motivations for his approach to the discipline."

●  "Does the Bauhaus Still Matter?" - Arch Record's fab special section with features by Kentgens-Craig, Stephens, McGuigan, Ronan, Bernstein, and Wainwright (spend some time here!).

●  A round-up of "11 mega-developments that will transform Chicago: Go big or go home."

●  The American Repertory Theater taps Haworth Tompkins to design its new theater on Harvard's Allston campus, the British firm's first building in the U.S. (no pix - yet).

●  Frederic Church's Olana, in Hudson, NY, is offering "untraditional guided tours" led by architects that "explore how architecture, design, and the natural world at Olana resonates with themes that remain relevant in today's cultural landscape."

●  Ciampaglia is impressed with the "compelling and contemplative film 'The Proposal' - an atypical architecture documentary" about Barragán by Magid (the conceptual artist who turned a bit of his cremated remains into a diamond) that grapples "with his legacy and who controls it [Vitra] rather than tracking the sweep of his career."

●  One we couldn't resist: A look at proposals by Zeckendorf, Pollard, Johnson & Burgee, Ranalli, and George "that would have changed the face of New York City."

●  ICYMI: ANN feature: Johannes Knoops parses the U.S. Pavilion at the Venice Biennale Arte 2019: "Martin Puryear: Liberty/Libertà" - an architecture of hushed narratives.

TWA Hotel at JFK takes flight - our newest NYC must see!

●  Jacobs "booked a room and came away conflicted": "I'm thrilled Saarinen's TWA Flight Center was preserved and restored, and is once again full of life. Yet I remain wary of the nostalgia it conjures - a bittersweet fantasy, a congenial spot for happily ever after."

●  Davidson: "Sure, it whitewashes the past some. But can you imagine a better place to have a drink - it's thrilling to see Saarinen's cathedral of flight reopen - looking as pale and bright and smooth as it did 57 years ago."

●  Feinstein: The TWA Hotel "pays homage to Saarinen's original vision for the 1962 TWA Flight Center," and is "already the season's buzziest destination."

●  Bernstein: Saarinen's "bird-like" TWA Flight Center, "restored and repurposed, often with ingenuity and wit," is now "a spectacular lobby for the new hotel."

●  Franklin cheers the new hotel, "a 7-story split structure that humbly perches behind Saarinen's Jet Age-landmark - every detail" of the Flight Center's restoration "was executed with the utmost historic integrity."


●  Moonan parses "3 books on Weimar, Dessau, and beyond - one reads as if it were a contemporaneous account," another is a "key primary source for scholars - the Bauhaus journals in English."

●  Hardy cheers Conte & Perego's "Soviet Asia: Soviet Modernist Architecture in Central Asia" that "wants to puncture the idea that there is a single, monolithic Soviet architectural style. Slowly but surely, the USSR's architectural legacy is disappearing. What's left, they say, is worth fighting for."

●  Rybczynski offers a fascinating excerpt from "Charleston Fancy: Little Houses & Big Dreams in the Holy City" re: how "this small, poor, provincial southern city became a magnet for architecture lovers."

●  Walker offers an excerpt from "The Art of Noticing: Rediscover What Really Matters to You" - "5 ways to experience a city differently" (including "Get there the hard way; Read the plaque; Follow the quiet").

●  Welton x 2: He cheers Zukowsky & Polley's "Architecture Inside-Out" that "examines 50 of the great buildings on this planet - a perfect introduction for how buildings work, with anecdotal prose and excellent drawings."

●  He's thrilled with "McKim, Mead & White: Selected Works 1879 to 1915" - "a gem of a book" that combines "the definitive four-volume monograph" into one book - it's "nothing short of your basic spectacular."


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