Today’s News - Wednesday, October 17, 2018

●  ANN feature: rise in the city 2018: Call for mentors and sponsors for an international student competition to design affordable housing in the capital of Lesotho, in Southern Africa.

●  An ENR survey tackles #MeToo in construction: "Two-thirds of respondents have coped with workplace gender harassment and bias," but the "issues are not clearly understood, universally accepted, or easily fixed. Some voiced confusion in definitions of and responses to gender bias and sexual harassment.

●  Wainwright tackles "the scandal of architecture's invisible women. Meet the women who are tired of being written out of history" (great quotes - great read!).

●  AN talks to Gehry about Venturi and VSBA's work: "Bob Venturi is one of my heroes in life - as is Denise" (even though they "feuded publicly from time to time").

●  Bruce Race parses climate change, cities, and "what we need to do" in light of the recent IPCC report, and offers "four broad pathways to net zero": "Meeting the goals is ambitious but not impossible - we already know a lot about what we need to do."

●  How one house survived Hurricane Michael while most of Mexico Beach, Florida, was decimated: It was "built for the big one" (but it wasn't inexpensive).

●  GGLO's Mayer offers a solution to Los Angeles' housing crisis: use the European IBA model of "radical urban prototyping" that "would encourage citizens, planners and politicians to invent, prototype, test, and learn."

●  Sayer minces no words about why he thinks Foster's Bloomberg HQ in London "should not have won this year's RIBA Stirling Prize": It isn't a bad building, but all the "listed items of praise are merely examples of pricey green gadgetry and fancy add-ons" (and "feels like a glitzy airport" inside). "There were far better examples of architecture on the shortlist."

●  Kamin cheers a new, "small but sexy" hotel that put a modern addition on top of a historic building - "the rebirth of a once-crumbling Chicago office building as a stylish boutique hotel stands out - the present brings new vitality to the past without overwhelming it."

●  Henry Stephens parses Olafur Eliasson's Fjordenhus in Denmark: It "synthesizes all of the qualities developed in the studio's artistic practice into something spectacular for perhaps the most banal of architectural types - the office building."

●  AC Martin's "guiding design principle" for the Keck Center for Science and Engineering at Chapman University in California was "was student experience" (it's also very green).

●  Paletta spends some quality time with Pritzker winner Doshi: "The intriguing wrinkle about this dedicated regionalist is his connection to two Brahmins of international modernism - he has likened Le Corbusier to an acrobat and Louis Kahn to a yogi - not a bad balance of muses" (he was "ready with laughter and wry remarks").

●  Moore parses David Kohn, "the British architect with a gift for the quietly surreal - pursuing common-sense goals with uncommon results. He doesn't mind flirting, in his somewhat measured way, with kitsch."


●  Call for Papers for 23rd International Passive House Conference in China next September.

Winners all!

●  Reddymade wins the 2019 Times Square Valentine Heart design competition with "X" - it and the other finalists now on view at the Center for Architecture.

●  NTHP's 2018 Driehaus Preservation Awards go to (cool!) projects in Memphis, Tennessee, Oklahoma City, and Buffalo, New York.

●  The Getty Foundation's 2018 Keeping It Modern grants go to architectural conservation projects - first time grants awarded to buildings in Cuba, Lebanon, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ireland, and the country of Georgia.

●  The World Monuments Fund's Hadrian Award goes to Prince Amyn Aga Khan for his "lifelong support of cultural heritage in all its forms," and Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler for his "unmatched contributions to the preservation of the historic center of Havana, Cuba."

●  Lima-based Barclay & Crousse Architecture takes home the 2018 Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize for its new academic building at Peru's University of Piura "that features an economical but visually striking design."

●  Eyefuls of the winners and finalists of the World Architecture Festival's Architecture Drawing Prize 2018.


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