Today’s News - Wednesday, June 6, 2018

●  Barth explores whether LEED is "tough enough for the climate-change era - the conflicting evidence on energy savings is worth a gut-check, especially since more than just private profits are at stake - climate change isn't going to wait."

●  Bernstein delves into how technology is changing the definition of practice: "Architecture firms that also do software will eventually turn into software firms that also do architecture. Architects shouldn't be scared of the new tools - a pencil is a tool" ("Beware the cobots," he told us).

●  Gragg parses the news that a design/build giant has acquired Michael Green Architecture, and "plotting a major mass timber push. Katerra's disruptive idealism drew Green into the partnership."

●  Texas architect Alofsin studied American suburbs, why production housing is so successful, their downsides, and how the housing industry is "more responsive to public taste" - architects have "largely ceded the best opportunity to be relevant and useful to ordinary people."

●  Kamin x 2: He pens a love letter to the Tribune Tower (with "a shout-out to its architects") days before his newspaper moves to an "architecturally undistinguished mid-20th-century high-rise": "These last looks are both pleasurable and painful. I love this building, love it more deeply because we're about to leave it" (lots of fab photos!).

●  He's quite taken with the "transformed" Gateway Arch in St. Louis: "the grounds have been brilliantly updated for the 21st century. Here, landscape architecture is no mere adornment, but a game-changing reshaper of urban conditions and expectations" (more fab photos!).

●  Moore has a lively conversation with Frida Escobedo re: her Serpentine Pavilion 2018 and more: the project "will bring her the wider audience she deserves. Throughout her work, there's an interest in whatever is already there - a deliberate imprecision in her work that comes from her liking for rough materials and her belief in incompleteness."

●  Eyefuls of what Mayne's Orange County Museum of Art will look like: his "'not overtly' iconic building" is "architecture with a capital 'A.'"

●  Singhal parses KPMB's Wilson School of Design in Richmond, Canada: "In a neighborhood dominated by cars and parking lots, the new school represents a major step towards a healthier urban fabric - a significant contribution to the vision and development of the Metro Vancouver region."

●  Comberg offers a look at "the often forgotten work of Denise Scott Brown" that "deserve their moment in the spotlight."

●  Salingaros offers a "short, visual primer on connecting buildings to nature" by parsing Christopher Alexander: "Design that liberates human creativity and life is founded upon combining unconventional tools."

●  Diaz has a great Q&A with Beijing-based Belgian architect and photographer Kris Provoost: "His series Beautified China I and II celebrate the details that architects slave over - and remind us to appreciate the patterns all around us" (amazing photos!).

●  A good reason to head to Pisa, Italy, next week: Nexus 2018: Relationships Between Architecture and Mathematics, the12th international, interdisciplinary conference.

Winners all!

●  Arch Record's Good Design Is Good Business 2018 recognizes "six diverse projects for their contributions to attracting and retaining talent, enhancing employee well-being, improving community relations, and, ultimately, boosting the client's bottom line" (great presentation).

●  CTBUH announces the Best Tall Building Worldwide and Winners of 2018 Tall Building Awards.

●  Eyefuls of the Iceland Northern Lights Rooms competition winners.


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