Today’s News - Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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●  In the wake of vehicular terrorism, architects and urban designers "are considering how to make pedestrians safer without destroying their way of life. But such melding of safety and design is not easy."

●  Architects "brainstorm better ways to rebuild" after the California wildfires: a "useful approach would be to create widely applicable prototypes"; density would be good, but "a tough sell."

●  Puerto Rico's Architecture Schools post-Hurricane Maria, Part 1: Q&A with the University of Puerto Rico's Interim Dean Mayra Jiménez-Montano: "Resiliency has always been present one way or another in our curriculum but has never been so relevant as today."

●  Puerto Rico's Architecture Schools post-Hurricane Maria, Part 2: Q&A with Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico's Dean Luis V. Badillo-Lozano: "This crisis cannot be wasted - we all have to learn from this."

●  KUOW Public Radio's Adolph ponders "how Seattle fell out of love with Amazon - we're going to have to admit that it's really time to wean ourselves off our Amazon addiction" (one former Amazon exec is "profoundly irritated by the less-than-grateful attitude among the locals").

●  Lamster says Dallas Arboretum's new pavilion "tops the list" of "the most beautiful places" in the city, where "exceptional works of modern public architecture are relatively few and far between."

●  Weeks' Q&A with Lamster re: the North Texas landscape and projects like Toyota's HQ: "It's not so much about whether I like it or dislike it - it's important to think about what it means to build a corporate campus in a location like Plano and how it's done."

●  Kamin parses Chicago's new Wilson station that "doesn't, thank goodness, resemble a sleek monorail at Disney World," and is "proof positive that transit infrastructure need not be synonymous with dull design."

●  King parses a plan to replace SF's Art Nouveau-style commodes and kiosks with new, modern ones, creating a "toilet tempest," especially for San Francisco Beautiful: "The designs are hideous. They show zero imagination" (he supports the updates).

Your must-reads for the day:

●  Rennix & Robinson offer a lengthy take-down of contemporary architecture: along with the "heebie-jeebies, if it doesn't make you feel desperately, crushingly alone, it's probably not a piece of prize-winning contemporary architecture - made for people who do not poop" (the retelling of Eisenman/Alexander 1982 debate is amusingly painful - or is painfully amusing).

●  Brussat, of course, couldn't agree more: "the writing is elegant and delightfully unaffected," and "almost qualifies as a point-by-point summary of my own long list of themes in the discourse against modern architecture."

●  D'Aprile, meanwhile, couldn't disagree more: Rennix and Robinson's "Why You Hate Contemporary Architecture" is "so laden with irony - the poorest of substitutes for analysis - that it is difficult to discern a core argument - the real culprit: the absolute necessity for everything produced under capitalism to turn a profit."

●  Brussat, of course, calls D'Aprile's take a "lame modernist rebuttal" (from "her modernist cocoon") to Rennix and Robinson's "massive, and massively effective, assault" on contemporary architecture.

Winners and finalists (and lots of 'em)!

●  Winners of the Morrisons Island International Design Competitions, HH+ and Francis Keane Architects, outline their plans: "Cork must decide whether it wants a barrier or a threshold between it and its waterways"; an official "Walls" plan "would cause social and economic stagnation for generations" (+2nd & 3rd Place winners).

●  Bisset Adams wins the competition to design the Southmere Village Library, "modeled on a swan's nest," at London's Brutalist Thamesmead estate ("made infamous' in "A Clockwork Orange").

●  13 projects win the Urban ULI 2017-2018 Global Awards for Excellence; among them, SOM's University Center-The New School wins the ULI 2017-2018 Global Awards for Excellence (great presentations).

●  David M. Schwarz Architects' Sundance Square in Fort Worth, Texas, nabs the International Making Cities Livable 2017 IMCL Honor Award.

●  Four student teams are finalists in the AECOM/Van Alen Institute Urban SOS 2017 competition.

●  Eyefuls of the AiA Design for Aging Review Awards, 14th Edition, for the best in senior living design.

●  10 projects win 2017 AIA International Region Design Awards.

●  Welton parses the shortlist in the 2017 Fentress Global Challenge student competition for airport design: "Aviation and architecture: Could there be a more futuristic, visionary collaboration?"

●  Finch cheers that, "in a world of mesmeric multiple images," architectural hand drawing "still plays an essential role in design" - with link to inaugural Architecture Drawing Prize winners' fab drawings!

●  Eyefuls of the "stunning final entries" in the Arcaid Architectural Photography Awards 2017 (stunning is an understatement!).

●  Two take home he Graham Foundation's 2017 Carter Manny Awards for architectural scholarship.

●  The Nka Foundation names winners of 5th Earth Architecture Competition: All About Designing and Building an Arts Village for Senegal.

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