Today’s News - Wednesday, June 21, 2017

EDIOTR'S NOTE: Happy Summer Solstice!!! Now the days grow shorter (sad).

●   ArcSpace brings us MacLeod's take on Brooks + Scarpa's The Six in L.A.: "It's a building with a heartbeat - and serves as a reminder that affordable housing can exemplify design excellence, even under the most challenging circumstances."

●   From Down Under, part of Melbourne's Towards Home program includes "30 'modular and relocatable homes' to be built on public land."

●   On a sadder note: Moore considers the Grenfell Tower fire as a "tragedy" that "exposes a tawdry culture that has held sway for too long," and "will change the British attitude to housing forever."

●   Wainwright worries that "the response to Grenfell may be more bureaucracy rather than improved standards."

●   Davidson ponders whether the Grenfell Tower disaster could happen in New York: "High-rise building failures are never accidents, and contempt for the poor is global - neglect is the moral equivalent of murder."

●   Grabar takes a deep dive into housing affordability in the U.S. in light of the Grenfell tragedy, and doesn't find good news: "There's no national solution for the housing crisis - there isn't one explanation and there isn't one fix" (and Trump's HUD appointments do not bode well).

●   Budds talks to CannonDesign's Swanson, who offers 4 lessons for designing for social justice: "I'm a fundamental believer that design is either for or against the common good" (and, please drop the hubris).

●   The RAIC Indigenous Task Force is none too pleased with plans to turn the U.S. embassy in Ottawa, unused for 18 years, into an Indigenous Centre: it is not "not a culturally appropriate" and "not the first choice of Canada's First People."

●   Lubenau walks us through Chicago's Riverwalk and its "transformation into a recreational frontier" as part of the mayor's "Building on Burnham" initiative.

●   Eyefuls of some astounding interpretations of the greenhouse undergoing unprecedented transformations - and one "humorous reversal of roles."

●   Gendall talks to Piano re: his just-about-to-open Centro Botín in Santander, Spain: "Light is the most important element, and in Santander, it's a very special light."

●   Cramer considers FLW's "peerless architectural achievements" - but "let's also remember the darker side of his legacy, and its effect on the profession's public image."

●   Glancey tells the tale of FLW's Fallingwater, "a masterpiece beset with problems," but "Wright's fame, however high flying his imagination, was rooted to the ground."

●   Wright (not Frank) delves into the restoration of FLW's Martin House, "a cornerstone in Buffalo's revitalization," with "the past providing ballast for the city's future."

●   Darley say: "Who says architecture doesn't work on TV?" FLW and Corbu were "early adapters in the race for column inches or airtime, and never shied away when the opportunity offered to saunter, nonchalantly, into shot."

●   The "brainchild" of Spanish architect Camacho, ArchiMaps "shows you all the must-see buildings in NYC, London, and more: Fun!"

●   Kahn has a field day "hunting for famous architects' forgotten design-school projects" in the archives of the Cooper Union and Van Alen Institute, where "librarians and archivists are creating searchable databases" (talk about Fun!).

●   Wiles offers a fascinating look at the wily ways Lovecraft and Ballard "put architecture at the heart of their fiction - both made the humble corner into a place of nightmares" (a fab read - with amazing, nightmarish images by Jim Kazanjian!).

●   Speaking of fab, be sure to check out the fab presentation of the Docomomo US 2017 Modernism in America Award winners!

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