Today’s News - Wednesday, May 3, 2017

●   A sad way to start the day: we've lost Diane Lewis, "one of the most beloved and influential voices of our community," says Tehrani (it was always a treat to bump into her at NYC's Center for Architecture- we always laughed, I always learned - kr).

●   Horne and Adamson parse the importance of the New Urban Agenda: "It recognizes the growth energized by cities but also their spatial, social, cultural and economic inequalities. Action is urgently called for."

●   Plan to spend some time with a round-up of Citiscope's "ongoing coverage of how nations, regions and cities are implementing the New Urban Agenda."

●   Dittmar explains why new urbanism, "the ground-up movement which helped defeat urban decay in the 1980s, is just as relevant now our cities face the opposite problem."

●   James Corner talks about why "landscape architects are the unsung heroes shaping our public realm."

●   ASLA seeks signatures for its letter to the EPA's Pruitt urging him to reconsider recent actions that will endanger our planet."

●   Green, Buday, and Baranowski delve into "the science and psychology behind buildings": "Persuasive buildings aren't built today. When arcane theory replaced narrative, buildings lost their persuasive power and the public lost interest in architecture."

●   Braidwood considers why "very few practices are skilled up on how design can benefit sufferers" of dementia - and gets input from a few who do.

●   Youde considers why "architects are often unaware of how their buildings can affect deaf people" - and gets input from a few who are.

●   King x 2: Why allowing hotels on San Francisco's Embarcadero might not be "such a bad idea after all."

●   He cheers Napa's new "living river" that "combines old-school engineering with a far-sighted focus on environmental needs. But here's the crucial detail. It works."

●   Hume bemoans "how Toronto's condo boom gives chain stores and fast food franchises the upper hand. One street now looks like any other street - it's an onslaught on everything that makes the city lively and engaging."

●   Calgary, on the other hand, may not be "a Dubai, NYC, London or Singapore - but when it comes to being on the world map [architecturally speaking], we've come a long way in the past 20 years" ("a nifty walking tour").

●   Kimmelman cheers Gluck+'s tennis & learning center in the Bronx as "money well spent" for underserved children.

●   Michael Ford is taking his Hip-Hop Architecture Camp, free, weeklong summer camps, to Detroit, Atlanta, Austin, New York and Milwaukee.

●   Lubell parses the emoji façade in Vathorst: "most discussion has focused on the emojis, not its fairly pedestrian design," but he admires the architect's attitude.

●   Bozikovic cheers RAIC for honoring the late John Bentley Mays with the President's Medal for Media in Architecture.

●   Nka Foundation names the winners of 2017 Land Art Competition, who hail from Japan, China, and the U.S.

●   Call for entries: A House for Maya Deren, avant-garde film maker + A(other) Red & Blue Chair.

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