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Today’s News - Wednesday, January 4, 2017

•   A sad way to start the news day: Quito pens a thoughtful tribute to Lella Vignelli that is so much more than a dry obit (please read!).

•   Bernstein reports on a panel discussion re: can environmentalists keep environmentalism alive during a Trump presidency? (we can only hope!)

•   The other side of the coin: a new survey shows a "surge in optimism" among U.S. engineering firms that are "enthusiastic about Trump."

•   Taylor-Hochberg offers a fascinating round-up of how deans of architecture schools "are responding to Trump and what they were telling their students."

•   Von Koenig ponders Zellner's Free School of Architecture initiative that "opens up more questions than gratifying answers. But how many questions are too many questions when it's students' education at stake?"

•   In the U.K, architecture and design schools are warned that they could "hit the wall" because of Brexit: it's leading to "a 'brain drain' of teaching staff and a drop in student numbers," meaning "creative businesses could suffer a skills shortage."

•   It is unclear whether the EU will allow British cities to vie to be European Capital of Culture 2023 once Brexit's Article 50 kicks in.

•   Musca explains how "fake news" on social media "could set Los Angeles down a dangerous path" with an odious, "aggressive piece of legislation" that "should have urbanists sweating."

•   Makovsky, on a brighter note, cheers Taipei's success as World Design Capital 2016 in a showcase of some of "the city's pioneering, design-led urban strategies."

•   Hosey "spent months pondering, visiting, and looking" at the new National Museum of African American History and Culture, resulting in "four different ways of seeing the museum: historical, political, cultural, and environmental" (plan to spend some time here!).

•   An unexpected deal between Hong Kong and Beijing will result in a branch of Beijing's Palace Museum to be built in HK's West Kowloon Cultural District, designed by Rocco Yim.

•   King cheers a proposal to build a floating pier topped off with a fire station on San Francisco's Embarcadero: it "would be a novelty - and a relatively trouble-free one at that, at least on paper."

•   Pedersen queries Washburn, NYC's former Chief Urban Designer, re: his "storefront urban design initiative" in his own home - he "is surely the most impressively-credentialed urban planner to ever set up shop in [Brooklyn's] scruffy Red Hook."

•   One of the most eloquent tributes we've ever read to a "sublime slab of the 1960s" by the Smithsons, as The Economist bids farewell to its "formative home": "Over the years the building has shaped The Economist in several ways, some good, some less so."

•   London can bid farewell to Heatherwick's Routemaster as Mayor Sadiq Khan cancels orders for the (not much-loved) bus, with the funds used for better purposes (like keeping fares from going up).

•   Butcher parses a passel of surveys to figure out why there's a talent shortage, especially among women, in the A/E/C industry, and what can be done: "Look in the mirror. Maybe it is the firm that is the real problem, not the lack of talent."

•   Welton cheers landscape architect Hoversten taking the helm at North Carolina State University's College of Design.

•   File this under oh-no-not-another-one! After 19 years, the Austin American-Statesman lets go its only (and one of our fave) arts critic, Jeanne Claire van Ryzin, to be replaced with freelancers who "aren't likely to replace her sense of mission."

•   On a happier note: Eyefuls of the Inspireli Awards 2016 winners.

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