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Today’s News - Tuesday, January 3, 2017

EDITOR'S NOTE: And so a new year begins...we wish everyone happiness, good health, prosperity - and peace.

•   von Kaenel considers what the Trump Administration could mean for green buildings: it may not bode well on the federal level, but most policies re: green building are set at the local level - "whoever's in federal office doesn't affect the industry that much."

•   Lamster pens an open letter to Ben Carson re: the need for a HUD makeover, and hopes he "will turn to those professionals who have pragmatic experience in the [affordable housing] field, and not to think-tank ideologues who don't."

•   King cheers Saitowitz's "boxy collage" that is Garden Village housing with a farm on top - it's "like nothing that you've seen. Done right, infill development can transcend the current norm. It can add a nudge of surprise to familiar terrain."

•   Moore finds the Estonian National Museum to be "touching and revealing" - it is "a contrasting combination of national and international, folkloric and modern, charged and cool"; it "could be both triumphalist and sentimental, but it is neither."

•   Gallagher cheers O'Herlihy making his mark on Detroit with several projects - the "most intriguing work" being the African Bead Museum.

•   Dickinson sees a ray of hope for Breuer's Pirelli Tire Building in New Haven, CT, "long assumed to be the target of its owner IKEA's demolition-by-neglect strategy," it now "has new shoots of interest in its adaptive reuse - and IKEA is listening."

•   Davidson has no problem imagining a future with wooden skylines as CLT and glulam give "architects and builders a chance to think in fresh ways - the future is not far away."

•   Lubinsky and Lipson explain how their new electric car-sharing program for two Manhattan buildings could be a model for other municipalities - for both luxury apartment buildings and new affordable housing projects.

•   Sanders eloquently reflects on his longtime collaboration with Balmori: "Once in a lifetime, fortune puts us in contact with an individual who changes how we see the world."

•   Wainwright, along with architects, activists, and writers from everywhere, reflect on "how their cities should change in the next year."

•   Kamin lays out his list of "architecture to watch for in early 2017."

•   Springer lays out her pick for 2017's most anticipated buildings: "In 2016, we watched a number of ambitious buildings transform skylines. 2017 is just as promising."

•   King takes a second look at San Francisco buildings he reviewed in 2016: "The initial reviews contemplated the object. This piece looks at the aftermath."

•   Grabar lays out his list of "the best things America built in 2016," each "an original work of architecture that doesn't look quite like anything else we've got (+ a Turkey Award to a project with the name Trump attached).

•   Eyefuls of the "22 most beautiful buildings in the world," according to 22 architects "who build them for a living."

•   One we couldn't resist: "10 New Year's resolutions for architects" (our fave: #6: Design with humor).

•   Call for entries deadline reminder: Record Houses 2017 (deadline looms!).

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