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Today’s News - Tuesday, November 29, 2016

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of ZAO/standardarchitecture's latest in a series Micro Hutongs in Beijing this one a hostel that "evidences a materiality that is sensitive to the aged fabric of the hutong."

•   McKay bemoans the changing definition of the "once-revered term 'architects' architect' - today what we have instead are self-aware media heroes."

•   Proof is in the stormy rhetoric re: Schumacher's recent takedown of regulations and social housing: Harper says it's "time to stop listening" to him. The fact that the architecture world continues to give him airtime reveals the intellectual weakness of our profession."

•   Architect/developer Zogolovitch, on the other hand, says "Schumacher is right to oppose regulations. Building regulations are stifling architects," and "initiatives like BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes are 'dangerous.'"

•   ZHA responds to the "furor": "Patrik Schumacher's 'urban policy manifesto' does not reflect Zaha Hadid Architects' past - and will not be our future. Hadid did not write manifestos. She built them."

•   Schumacher, "embarrassed by 'Mr. Nasty image,' claims he only wanted to trigger a discussion" - and "apologizes to friends and colleagues for embarrassing them" (includes his full statement).

•   Wainwright x 2: he winds up our Schumacher ("Trump of architecture") round-up: "It is healthy for the left to be wrenched from the fuzzy echo-chamber, but much of his rhetoric verges on 'post-truth' territory" (otherwise known as "truthiness"?).

•   The he takes on "Trumpitecture" and "what we can expect": "For the king of superlatives, nothing has ever turned out quite as 'tremendous' as he promised."

•   Morgan minces no words about what he thinks of the design of the three Hope Point Towers proposed for Providence: "The name alone ought to be a warning - for so many reasons these 34, 43, and 55 story blocks make no sense at all. Is it not time for Providence to stop be pushed around by mediocre developers and second-rate architects?"

•   King, on a much brighter note (thank you!), re: UC Davis's SO-IL/BCJ-designed Shrem Museum that "triumphs over a setting where it really shouldn't be. In a year where big buildings have grabbed so much attention, we should never forget that small works of ambition are equally vital."

•   Foster + Partners and Rubio Arquitectura tops a starchitect-filled shortlist to win the job to expand Madrid's Prado Museum.

•   Schuetze spends some quality time with Waterstudio's Olthuis, who is leading the way in floating buildings in the face of rising sea levels.

•   Welton cheers the "rock stars from a roster of pedigreed national landscape architecture firms" now on the shortlist to master-plan Raleigh's 308-acre Dorothea Dix Park.

•   A look at what went into overcoming the challenges in designing the $2 billion, 2-million-square-foot expansion of the Calgary International Airport.

•   A fascinating (and in-depth) look at Victor Gruen's history and legacy - the enclosed shopping mall - and its "recent decline and shape-shifting under the umbrella of new urbanism."

•   The inaugural RIBA International Prize is won by Grafton Architects' "modern Machu Picchu" in Lima, Peru.

•   Also eyefuls of RIBA's "homes of the future" shortlist in the Project 2020 initiative (maybe it's just us , but they all look sorta similar).



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